Silk Glass


Last week, i chanced upon a very interesting piece of dress from The Pop Look which i couldn’t resist having. It is really one of a kind judging from its cathedral stained glass window-like front. i was torn between carrying my favorite black sling bag from Harrod’s and this cute yellow tote. Clearly i chose the latter to give this dress a real pop look (pun), matched with glittering circus pumps.










Orange Rose Dress : Sponsored by The Pop Look
Circus Pumps : bought from Plaza Damas years ago
Accessories : Diva earrings, F21 & Topshop bangles
Yellow Bag : Nose (old)


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  1. very karlerful!

    1. like rainbow circus wtf

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—- I LOVE THOSE SHOESSSSSSSSSSS !!!! <3 <3 OMG, they're to DIE for !!!!!! 😀

    1. until they kill you(r feet)!!! no joke T_T

      1. Well, they do say that “Beauty is Pain!” But seriously, how bad are they??? T.T I have quite a number of heels in my possession that I LOVE but would think twice (thrice even!) of wearing when I’m going out cos I KNOW blisters and bandages are sure to follow! 🙁

      2. tell me about it; i have crazy blisters now T_T

  3. Cindy, those shoes are too cute!! 🙂

    1. thank you simon!! 😀

  4. nice bajus! 🙂
    but perhaps you’d like to learn how to iron them nice bajus. 😛

    1. i don’t like to iron bajus.. 🙁

  5. awwwww cutest shoes ive ever seen!! omg cant breathe @@

    1. cute as they seem, they kill your feet. =x

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