{5 Things}

Here are 5 things that made my week.

1. This box of mooncakes


{because it is one of those things that loses its essence when bought for own self, and mummy got them for me and my brother this mid-autumn festival}

2. These new purchases from L’Occitane


{because though very pricey, they gave shower time a touch of Midas and made every second in the bath room enjoyable whilst worthwhile}

3. This Britney Spears album


{because it made me danced on my bed like that teenage girl i used to know since …Baby One More Time}

4. This batik table cloth


{which gave an interesting twist to our otherwise ordinary Spanish lunch}

5. This table spread of red wine and pasta


{simply because he prepared it for me. :oops:}

* * *


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  1. i like mooncakes regardless who bought it! hahaha

    1. i ate them until sugar too high wtf

  2. waraoo eh itu spanish dude cook for u.. can eat anot this time?

    1. CAN! hahaha cuz sauce from the bottle wtf

  3. wahhhhh pastaaaaa 😉

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