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a|x and i have come to a firm mutual agreement that BBM / Whatsapp is just so cold. It lacks personal human touch (and always appear undelivered; which i find terribly frustrating), leave alone wishing someone “Happy Birthday” by writing on someone’s Facebook wall! You know what’s worse? i have a friend whom the only way you can contact her, is to @ her on Twitter -.-“


i reckon it all started with the fact that sending SMS is cheaper. You can limit the conversation without exploding your phone bill. Call me traditional, but don’t we all agree that a simple “Hello” phone call is so much better than reading a text essay?


Dolce Lace Dress : thanks to The Pop Look
Bangle : Diva
Purple pumps : Australia



Now if you are a Celcom user, you could win cash while chatting. How awesome is that? 😀 Starting from 6th June – 3rd July,  all you have to do is make as much domestic calls as you can and every week, one winner will be chosen to grab the RM 50,000 cash prize! The weekly period is as below:

Week 1 (6 – 12 June 2011)
Week 2 (13 – 19 June 2011)
Week 3 (20 – 26 June 2011)
Week 4 (27 June – 3 July 2011)


For more information, click http://xpax.com.my/hellomoney.html. (And if you can’t find a relation between my pictures, hint: my dress is Celcom purple) 😛

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  1. Yeah, hearing the other side’s voice is so much more warmth, a simple text of i love you and a phone call saying i love you gives a whole lot difference! 🙂

  2. hi, wish to be know u more……can add me in yahoo msger? jaquek@yahoo.com or HP +60193279002

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