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When I was a girl, mum used to tuck me into bed with a warm glass of milk and wished me sweet dreams. When I grew up to be a teenager, I always turned to the same idea for comfort when exams stressed me out. Now that I am a working lady juggling 3 jobs, at night I find myself under the covers thinking of a glass of milk; which feels so faraway because I am just too tired to make a glass for myself.

Every morning (without fail), I wake up dreaming in the middle of an unfinished business, stuck in a hanging conversation, solving an awkward situation – as if I never left work. This 2015, I have decided to love myself more by getting quality sleep with what I call, ‘beauty milk’.


JoyAmaze™ Beauteine™ is first introduced to Malaysia in January 2015 as a delicious functional drink to help women live a better life with the inspiration that taking care of our own beloved health can be amazing.


A single sachet of JoyAmaze™ Beauteine™ replaces a glass of milk, a bottle of collagen drink and the multi-vitamins I take on a daily basis, making it incredibly affordable and value for money.

Its small sachets slip easily into my bag so I could drink it any time or even substitute it for a meal, as it is low in acidity and in calorie too! All I need is a glass and lukewarm water.


P.S. Do NOT use hot water in order to prevent the denaturation of protein and deterioration of vitamins. 


JoyAmaze™ Beauteine™ is the 1st Beauty Milk Brand that promotes skin repair, metabolic rate while delaying skin aging.

This luscious milk blend contains beauty proteins (L-arginine and Nano Marine Collagen from Japan) that replenishes and reproduces collagen, Silver Ear Mushroom, that recaptures moisture to make skin more tender and is high in Vitamin C plus other skin essential vitamins; enabling us to drink milk, but with extra values.


On top of all these health and beauty benefits, let’s talk about the taste. I personally find this milk delicious, creamy, with a tinge of aromatic scent to it. Truly yummy!

P. P.S. This product does NOT contain any hormones, preservatives, coloring, or side effects. 


Just so you know, the amount of collagen in our body starts to decline at the early age of 25 so it’s important that we start maintaining our skin now.

For best results, drink 1 sachet everyday for 2 weeks. For skin beauty maintenance, take 1 sachet every 2 days. I like to drink it either first thing in the morning for better absorption, or at night before bed for a calm sleep.


JoyAmaze™ Beauteine™ is available in leading pharmacies and Chinese medical halls, or you can get it at Rakuten here now.


If you’d like to find out more about the product, do check out their website, Facebook page at JoyAmazeOfficial, or Instagram at joyamaze.

Remember to pursue your dreams with a healthy soul and body!

This post is sponsored by JoyAmaze™ Beauteine™, a brand which brings brilliant product to women. Thank you so much for supporting passionate companies that keep Cin City afloat. 


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  1. シンディはきれいなお嬢さんです。ジョイアマズの製品をご紹介してありがとうございました。ジョイアマズビオーティンはとてもおいいしですね。もし機会があれば、ぜひもうっと詳しい教えてください。

    1. i Google Translate-d your comment. Arigatou!

  2. Wow, what a nice sharing. I would love to get JoyAmaze Beauteine now and try it for better skin!

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