Yesterday you’ve seen my post on F1 so today, it’s time to share the details of my special race outfit. i was torn between this piece i was wearing and shorts, so i alternately changed at least 4 times from one to another before leaving the house. In the end i decided on this T-dress, bearing in mind our very own after-party (which turned out to be bakuteh at midnight). What i didn’t tell you though, was the part where my favorite pair of sunnies went missing! It almost feels like someone i love just walked out on me. 😥

This fashion post is dedicated to Miss Sunshine : if found please return. Sigh~ sé que es imposible…







Sunnies: F21
T-dress: TOPSHOP
Nail Polish: O.P.I in I’M HOT-HOT-HOT
Assorted Bracelets: DIVA, H&M, HEART ATTACK


Remember this video series about the heartbroken girl i blogged about here and here? Now you can find QR codes popping up everywhere in the newspapers; which leads you to a website where there are 3 videos showing possible reasons showing why the girl is disappointed with her boyfriend:


LOL! Do you think the guy really cheated on her? All i could think of when i watched all 3 videos was “FHL, FHL, FHL”. The irony is, i’ve been in that situation before – as the girl. It is always easy to see the truth from the outside, but when you’re in the picture everything seems clouded by emotions and the last thing you wanna see is his damn FACE (when he’s actually innocent). That is why, 31st March is chosen to be “Make That Call Day”.

If you have a misunderstanding with someone that is unsettled, why not take this opportunity to fix it? This is a special day to appreciate our loved ones and you’ll see how it can be easily done with a simple phone call by telling them how special they are. Or MAYBE it is for that special someone you’ve always been shy to call? 😈 This could be the special day that changes your life!

p.s. Don’t be like the couple above. Pick up your phone and save a relationship today, because “a call costs almost nothing at all”.

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  1. How nice.. not you this time but I didnt know my birthday is so special.. 🙂 Make that call day? why not make that TikkoSS’s Day.. :))

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