[AD] Sherbet Senses

Hello everyone, today i’m speaking to you as Miss Sweet Tooth.


Speaking from personal eating experiences, i always crave for desserts even after a heavy meal. Ever felt that way?

There’s something about the idea of a smooth, fruity ice cream washing down my meal that’s very happifying, but I FEEL VERY GUILTY EVERY TIME I DO THAT!!!

But not anymore – after i was introduced to a refreshing indulgence without The Guilt :


Magnolia Sherbet – sherbet ice cream in a cup! 8)

Most fruit based ice cream comes in a stick or ice lolly, but Magnolia sherbet comes in a premium looking cup like this :


The best thing about this tasty dessert is that it is not heavy or too creamy. Just nice.


There are a total of 4 flavours to choose from :

  1. Lychee
  2. Mangosteen
  3. Orange
  4. Melon with Nata de Coco


i chose Mangosteen today! 😀


Now it’s time to ‘Lift My Senses‘; which are the words that best describe the feeling from eating this beauty in a cup.


Shall i lick it? Or course not! Thoughts had been put into this premium cup design. It comes with a cute golden teaspoon! <3


Now i can even buy a sherbet while traveling on the road without having to worry about not having a spoon in my car. lol


Indulge without Guilt.


The refreshing fruit taste and smooth texture is suitable for consumption at any time of day even just before meals.



Light, refreshing and rewarding!!!


Magnolia sherbet can be found @ selected major hyper marts such as Jusco, Cold Storage, selected Petronas outlets, and convenience stores i.e. KK Mart for only RM2.50.

There is also an on-going contest that you’ll love~ Read more about it HERE.

Gonna try my lychee sherbet now! ^o^

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  1. i need to try the lychee wan!

    1. try d lemme know. lol

  2. U are so pretty <3

  3. Hi Cindy, can i know where do u get ur fake lashes and lower fake lashes too? Issit from sasa?

    1. yup, from Dolly Wink. XD

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