Five Cinspirations

Here are 5 delightful Cinspirations that brightened up an otherwise hazy week:

1. This ball of flower


{because it is sunshine wrapped in paper, that makes a girl feels like she just returned from shopping at a chic flea market}

2. Lunch with a long lost friend, Humberto


{because we successfully summarized our life of the last 3 years within an hour}

3. This most adorable mug


{because it carries the wittiest message ever}

4. This seafood dinner with my dear cousins at a Thai fish farm


{because this clam is half the size of my palm!}

5. This seafood risotto


{because fresh prawns are real delicacies, while scallops are like the pearls from the sea; and every bite into these tiny little peas surprise you with sweet saffron sauce secretly hidden under their skin}

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