If I Was Prime Minister

Daydreaming is fun, especially when it involves having a lot of money. Recently, my daydreams have been looking a lot like this:


“If I was a prime minister with 2.6 billion, I would . . .”

Send troops to:

1. Make the road in front of 1 Tech Park a two-way road instead of one.
2. Omit the purchasing of dato-ship.
3. Rebuild wet markets to European standards.
4. Stop any vehicle (especially public buses) that produces black carbon emissions operating on the road.
5. Build the LRTs underground – the current construction is causing too much traffic and their stations would too, in future.
6. Enforce ALL non-Uber taxi drivers to run by meter.
7. Fix holes and remove trees that grow in the middle of the pavements for pedestrians.
8. Do something to make our tap water drinkable.
9. Rebuild each and every orphanage and old folks home in Malaysia to provide a better life for them.
10. Set aside a fund to provide good education for orphans because just like every other children, they deserve it too. Plus, they need more guidance.
11. Reevaluate all school teachers from primary to high education level and make sure their QUALIFY.
12. Equality for all races – to enter university, when buying a house, you name it.
13. Make our museums cooler and correct their facts and spellings.
14. Help the homeless – there are so many and they need more than just donation.
15. Standby to do something about the haze whenever it happens.

We need to see changes. We need to see improvements. It’s time. Now is the time.

Malaysia is not a lousy country. It has so much potential to be better. What are they doing with our money? Why aren’t they striving make it better? If Singapore can do it, why can’t we???


What would you do if you were a prime minister with 2.6 billion?


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