Five Cinspirations

The past week had been packed with champagne-showered events, camera flashlights, high heels to walk the evenings and lotsa dancing. To balance out the hectic lifestyle, I made sure to cultivate my weekly ritual of buying fresh flowers and having hearty meals in between. Here are the highlights summed up this semana:

1. Lancel’s 9th Anniversary Party


{because which lady wouldn’t love a French affair flowed with tea-infused champagne, live jazz performance and selections of beautiful bags?}

2. Getting my Myanmar visa


{because although it was a mission, it was a good one. In exactly 10 days, É and I will be traveling to Myanmar, and it’s going to be our first international flight together!}

3. These purple flowers


{for sprawling across the office desk with its unique paper-felt petals}

4. This picture of us at Coach KLCC event


{because Coach always does it right and our fun memories made together still linger}

5. This brunch of olive rice stuffed chicken


{because it tastes like Christmas and we are (very) inspired to make our own version some day}


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