A Look Inside Our: Wedding Ceremony

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-218

A Marriage of Asian & Western Traditions

At least 7 things went wrong here which thankfully, you won’t be able to spot. Praise good photography, we can choose to showcase only moments we love; like my maid of honor, Yvonne’s priceless reaction during ‘you may kiss the bride’ (find her!), or the countless smiles showered by guests.

Like most angmoh-Chinese mixed marriage ceremonies, ours was separated into 2 parts; the Western vows + ring exchange & Chinese tea ceremony, where É & I served tea to the elders as a sign of respect & gave ang pows to family members younger than us.

In case you’re planning a destination wedding, every red prop you see in this post I purchased from TaoBao & brought to Lisbon. After much research, I learned that it is easier & cheaper that way than figuring out how to have them deliver to countries they don’t ship to. On the other hand, the special Portuguese cork umbrellas are É’s gift ideas to the ladies in my family (because Asian women don’t like afternoon sun)!

P.S. I’ve decided to save our wedding reception for the next post seeing there are too many photos to be shared in one go. 


2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-74


2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-148

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-81

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-84

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-86

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-104

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-110

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-99

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-100

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-140

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-128

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-126

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-130

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-133

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-152

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-153

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-167

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-162

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-166

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-156

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-161


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