A Look Inside Our: Wedding Reception

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Going Into The Details

Dear brides-to-be,

If you haven’t been using Pinterest to plan your wedding, may I suggest it’s time to start? Having registered with many wedding apps & sites out there, I still find Pinterest to be the best platform for collecting & curating wedding ideas. Not sure how I would’ve survived without it!

My Pinterest wedding boards are divided into 10 categories. Out of the 10, I created 2 secret boards (never leak surprises!); 1 consisting of the shortlisted ideas I wanted for my wedding & a beauty-related one named ‘Bridal Book’.

The pinning started way before I met anyone I knew I would marry. With that amount of time spent, you can imagine how detailed & in-depth things are in terms of knowing what I want (& how devastating it was when my wedding planners turned them upside down – a separate post on that later). That said, I am indebted to Yvonne, my maid of honor, for still making fragments of my dreams come true.

In this post, I am sharing with you the final results of personalizing my favorite ideas & turning them into reality. Some of them include:

  • Using a personalized globe as our guestbook.
  • Meaningful seating chart idea using Malaysian states, each with a piece of our love story of what happened where.
  • Handmade place cards as bookmark/wedding favor, with guest’s name + customized wax stamp in front & a one-liner that describes our friendship at the back.

Start pinning these photos if you love them too! For more wedding ideas, follow me on Pinterest here.

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-42

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-177

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-59

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-124

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-269

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-287

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-272

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-276

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-278

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-294

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-282

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-304

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-298

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-310

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-312

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-56

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-328

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-325

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-332

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-334

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-357

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-365

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-345

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-347

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-403

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-383

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-408

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-410


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