Five Cinspirations

Last week was all about tying the ends of a beloved adventure with lots of reading and kisses in between, and pretty little objects that lingered with lasting memories.

1. This perfume set from Melinda Looi’s fashion show


{because with these unique easy-to-carry scents, now I can smell all Diptyque-like even when globetrotting}

2. This deluxe tea flavored beautifully


{because it is flown all the way from UK by Tracy, a team member at work, when traveling with her family}

3. This early birthday gift from É


{because I have a principle to use a phone until its last dying day, and mine has finally ran its course. This new beauty makes for the most ideal / perfect gift to fit the lifestyle of a Snapchat addict blogger like myself on-the-go}

4. This warm plate of seafood risotto


{not because it was mind-blowingly delicious, but mainly because of the cozy reading session É and I managed to squeeze in at a nicely lit restaurant over a glass of wine before our meal}

5. This little fragrant souvenir


{because this soap has been lying around since last Tuesday, perhaps to remind us of the great times we had at Xi’an}


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One comment

  1. whaaa? from not knowing/understanding snapchat to being a self-professed addict now? that’s a huge step-up, babe! ;D

    whoo-hoo, new cellphone! YOU LUCKY THING, YOU.

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