Five Cinspirations : Swallow Edition


One lovely Sunday afternoon, I received a bouquet of gifts from Portugal. It is one thing to buy gifts and a card, but it is another to present one with a concept that ties it all together. Mine arrived in a paper bag. It looked just like any other paper bag, but I’ve never seen one that spills out so many extraordinary items at one time. They are themed around the andorinha or Portugese swallow; which represents love, fidelity, and loyalty. What I find so special is the value they carry – not in terms of monetary, but how love is also about home and family, above romance.

1. This gold necklace


{because I have many necklaces, but this one made me realized that love can actually be worn, and it comes with a reminder to fly high(er), together or alone}

2. This cute little swallow


{for me to hang on the wall, wherever I choose to call home}

3. This beautiful stamp


{because the last time I played with one I was 5 (?), and I can’t wait to hit ‘stamp’ on my first ol’ skool letter out}

4. This notebook which travels with me now


{because it is so light I can slip it into any bag and jot down my fondest memories on-the-go}

5. This lovely postcard


{because this post is brought to us by it with love, from afar}


Obrigado, É.


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