Time flies like a rocket when you have fun, and crawls like a mother fuckin’ snail when you are in front of a work desk.

My Bali Babes & i are flying back to Malaysia tomorrow! So fast vacation ending liao T_________T


No emo, must smile smile! 😀


This is a post called Kiss Eri Day. It only happens once a life time; not annually, so i decided to put in down on paper my blog so we shall forever remember this day.


See? Everybody must kiss ERI! Even if she pulls an ugly face at you ;p


Ruby & Eri @ Alexis Bangsar (Round 1).


* kiss~ kiss! twist~ twist! *


i want to mumu you…

It was actually not Kiss Eri Day lah. It was the first time i introduced my Casanova / Romeo / Tiramisu Spanish soccer star to my BFFs so we took ‘sensual’ pictures to kill time waiting for his arrival, before the anticipation kills us first -.-


O my Alejandro. Ahahahaha… 😀


My Seafood Parcel Spaghetti


k  e l a p a r a n .


Shared this sexc hot n cold dessert with Alex. i love how we always share ice-cream after every meal. Not many guys do that, ey~

Adjourned to Alexis Ampang (Round 2) for live jazz music WTF? Double Alexis!!



i know this post is super lame rite. i don’t usually write posts like that 🙁 but this time i have no choice cuz i just wrote the 5 posts you read previously in-one-go i’m daymn tired, i’m running out of words now!

BUT, before i end my post, i’m adding a generous dash of purple goodness to your day before i leave~


Join XPAX and get 90 minutes FREE now with ONLY 12 cents/min to ALL networks! Join before 31st July and stay to get another FREE 30 minutes for the next 3 months.


You can also download awesome football games for ONLY RM7 each at this website. Play play play! Football fever dude.


That’s all for now. Cin City will be back on LIVE mode this Saturday.

* sings Ale ale jandro Ale ale jandro~*

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  1. cant wait to c the bali’s blog post..sure a lot more kisses 🙂

  2. Congrats on your new found love! happy for you

  3. all the best with your new man! 🙂 Does he has any hot
    friends – single ones? lol

  4. Awwww..he is cute! =)

  5. hahaha. There will always be another vacation after this one ends. No worries!

  6. what a wonderful feeling

  7. did you bring him to alexis cos his name is alex WTF

    1. NOoooOOoooo~ lol! but he loves that place ahahaha1

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