Saying Goodbye to Subchorionic Hematoma

What is SCH, How to Deal with It & Why I Want to Share My Story

At my first pregnancy appointment on 4th July (Week 4), my gynecologist gave me 2 advises:

1. Start drinking 2 glasses of milk a day if I can (I’m guessing it’s because I am underweight).

2. Pause the gym for 2 weeks (Week 4 – Week 6).


At my second pregnancy appointment, 18 July (Week 6), through a scan, I learned that I have Subchorionic Hematoma. What is it?

a) A uterine blood clot between the uterus wall & baby’s sac


b) A sightly dislodged placenta

which may or may not cause spotting/bleeding. Sounds scary? It sure is for a pregnant woman!

If it’s the primary, (a), know that we have many blood clots all over our body, just like a SCH (:


Maybe the doctor suspected my SCH earlier, which explains pausing the gym. At this point, I was banned from exercising for the entire 1st trimester & put on bed/pelvic rest = no housework, no travel, no sex, no exercise.

The latter made me sad because I took my ACE Personal Trainer Certification + Training for Pregnant & Postpartum Women for the very reason to continue working out throughout my pregnancy & ideally, not look like a stereotyped mama postpartum.

While there’s no explanation as to what causes SCH, it can occur from trauma, causing a blood vessel to rupture – I did hammer my pelvic onto the corner of my kitchen island! (Exception if you conceived through IVF.)

I was given Dydrogesterone to strengthen the placenta, thus preventing miscarriage; starting with a dose of 1 pill 3 times a day, weaning it off to twice a day, to saving the last 4 pills in case of spotting during first pregnancy sex.


On my 3rd scan, 1 August (Week 8), we witnessed that the hematoma reduced in size. Yet I was warned that I might bleed & to call the clinic immediately should that happen.

Spoiler alert: It never happened. 

During the last scan of my 1st trimester, 29 August (Week 12), before I had the chance to bid my hematoma goodbye, it was reabsorbed into the uterus forever. I’ve been given the green light to exercise!


Having gone through this rather rare & even more rarely shared situation, my purpose of this sharing story is for all mothers to know that should you ever come across SCH in your pregnancy *touch wood*, don’t be afraid. You are not alone & you don’t have to feel alone.


What you can do:

  • Not let Google results scare you.
  • Try not to over-worry – it makes situation worse & is often unnecessary.
  • Download the What to Expect app, search for Subchorionic Hematoma, & read up about it there.
  • Rest a lot (like a LOT) & sit/lie down rather than stand/walk to prevent further rupture/detachment.
  • Obediently listen to your doctor – another potential complication besides increased risk in miscarriage is preterm labor, so don’t be like a stubborn hematoma!
  • Stay hydrated to avoid constipation = straining = hemorrhaging.



Things to ask your doctor:

  • The size, location & persistence of your hematoma.
  • Does it look like the hematoma is caused by trauma or a detached placenta?
  • What complications could you & the baby possibly face if the hematoma is not absorbed by the uterus?
  • What to do if you bleed?
  • Should you stop Kegel exercises?
  • No sex or no orgasm all together?
  • I went as far as asking if Dydrogesterone has a feminizing effect on a male fetus (knowing it doesn’t the other way round). Consume Duphaston ONLY if prescribed by your doctor.



The most important takeaway is to know that SCH affects 1 in 4 women (25% of all women). It is possible to have the unwelcomed presence of a hematoma throughout pregnancy until a baby is born. But whether it stays or leaves, remember that most women continue to have a healthy pregnancy & baby with the right care & adequate rest. <3

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