Five Cinspirations

August has been a very eventful month and by the looks of my calendar, it seems like the buzz will overflow to September; where some exciting travel plans are lined up. Trying to balance it all with a full-time job is almost like wearing an invisible handcuff, but I’m trying my best to hold on strong and have fun while at it. My body was caught in a battle against a cold since Monday and now that the weekend is here, I’m looking forward to have a proper rest. After all, one can’t go too far if she pushes too hard.

Here are 5 eventful Cinspirations to hopefully keep you entertained.

1. Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015


{because I discovered so many talented local designers (current admiration: Syomirizwa Gupta) and their fascinating masterpieces}

2. This surprise gift for É (and my FedEx experience)


{because É lost his wallet at the fashion show, I secretly got him a new one online via express delivery. Tracking a gift’s journey can really make one’s day, and FedEx’s reliability is such a comfort to know still exists in the world today}

3. Esther + Starbucks


{because fresh flowers + coffee in hand = make for better work days}

4. This feast set up at the office by my Muslim colleagues


{because just when you’re about to forget that Raya is still ongoing, you’re reminded by a food spread like this at the pantry}

5. #ZoukKLGoesBIG


{for being the first few to visit Asia’s Largest Superclub at its VIP launch event; with free flow champagne, dancing fireworks, a variety of good music, and… aahhh. Just too good}


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