5 Cinspirations

É and I celebrated our first Valentine in the least expected way. The night before, a hot fever sprawled across my body and half my throat started burning. Needless to say, we spent the day at home with a soupy takeout for lunch and watched a marathon of the series Mad Men before a low-key dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant. Our pre-Valentine days though, was bedazzling and packed with fun.

1. This loved up moment with cute dogs


{over at my bestie Kin Wai’s CNY open house, being attacked with love by these furry friends made my week as I’d always love to have one but can’t just yet}

2. This Tsunami banana leaf moment


{because after a week of dining on Chinese cuisines, it is good to switch things up a little in the food department}

3. This blush + bronzer


{because it adds dimension and just the right hint of glitter to cheekbones, all while still looking natural}

4. My best of friends, Eri, whose baby girl turned 100 day old last Saturday


{because I love her so much and needless to say, her adorable lil’ baby!}

5. These lanterns


{because it was taken over the fence when É and I went hunting for oxtail soup on foot one midnight}


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