5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 sweet Cinspirations that made my week bright, not blue!

1. This great quote I found while flipping an old book yesterday


{because it serves as a great reminder for a perfectionist like me that life can still be wonderful, even if it doesn’t always go my way}

2. This collage my fiancé made of me without my knowledge during our 5 hours stay in Singapore (O_O)


{because although our tapas miserably resembled more of a kids’ meal and was pathetically distasteful, É, put a smile on my face by sending me this picture with the caption “My boo!”}

3. This mystery gift from Great Britain


{because I must be a very lucky girl to receive this surprise gift from my amazing soon-to-be sister-in-law, and I haven’t even met her! Every inch of this clutch screams l-u-x-u-r-y and I can’t wait to carry this gem around <3 }

4. This seafood grill with saffron butter sauce


{because it was at a restaurant called ‘Bait’ É and I recently discovered and fell in love with over a bottle of Prosecco}

5. Hanging out with my best guy friend, KinWai


{because a decade of solid friendship makes for good memories since 2007}


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