5 Cinspirations

The past week brimmed with fun and surprises like a compact gift box of treats in Christmas. Besides getting to enjoy the little pleasures in life, it also turns out to be a highly productive week and God, doesn’t it feels goooood to strike out so many items in your to-do-list? This weekend will be spent doing some furniture shopping, celebrating an anniversary with friends and crafting my Pinterest boards with more inspiration for my ROM. Have a nice one, everybody! x

5 Cinspirations that made my week:

1. This therapeutic visit to a cat cafe 


{because animals are the next hardest thing after toddlers to get a good shot with, and I successfully captured this furry beauty close enough to feel it’s warmth with a smile}

2. This grilled golden pineapple with cinnamon


{because it is the ‘Best Remake Idea’ of a simple fruit which I’d never have thought of in my wildest dreams, and boy, it tastes like perfection}

3. These adorable McD files


{because I collected them at McDonald’s Media Appreciation Night where the event showcased their iconic chicken burgers with unique interpretations, like these files I’d like to call: priceless}

4. This surprising egg with two yolks!


{because OH, MY, GOD, how rare is this!}

5. This productive run at a scenic park


{for making me feel like a million dollar babe}


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