5 Cinspirations

Sweet Fragments Around The World

Actually, it is not ridiculous to say that it takes about half a month for one to really readjust and settle down accordingly after lots of hopping between countries. The past week were scheduled around seeing my family in Kuala Lumpur, hosting a friend, rushing deadlines for a slew of freelancing work and looking for a job. This weekend looks promisingly tranquil; allowing me to take my own time noticing the best of what my travels have brought me – some remains as favorite memories, others as souvenirs cheering up our home. When you are able to breathe in appreciation again, you can tell it is a sweet, sweet scent.

1. This special friendship from Malaysia

Stateland Café

{because not all friends can be colleagues, but if you have a colleague that doubles as a friend, you know you struck gold. My ex-side-kick finally came to visit me in Cingapore after much talking about it since we kickassed at Maldives}

2. This cute pair of salt and pepper shaker from Warsaw

Salt and Pepper

{because the tiny tree for salt is like snow for winter while the cactus for pepper represents summer sand, available here at Lazada}

3. Gummy bears from Berlin

Gummy bears

{because I had the whole packet to myself; guessing flavors along the way}

4. This top from Netherlands, perfect for a visit to Gardens by The Bay 

Gardens by the bay

{because although it is snagged from ZARA, I can’t help secretly feeling that a simple geographical statement is what makes it a tad more unique}

5. This honey candle from Slovakia

Honey wax candle

{because it is now sitting on a tree branch at our balcony at home that is Cingapore}


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