5 Things

Here are 5 things {worth reminiscing} that made my week.

1. This infinity view from Bondi Beach


{because this wallpaper material was once. livedLive}

2. This Rumpelstiltskin window display at a small shop in Esslingen


{because straws / hay / wood never looked so lovely!}

3. This floating medal at the Porsche Museum


{simply because it is not designed in the typical, boring, form of a trophy. it looks more like a turban!!! 😀 }

4. This handsome bike


{because man, who wouldn’t adore this hot stuff?!}

5. This peak into a window


{because it doesn’t harm being a busybody neighbour sometimes 😛 i remember being sooo curious about how Christmas is actually celebrated – i was close to being hypnotized}


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