{5 Things}

that made my (past) week.

1. This view


{because i used to wake up to it every day, followed by receiving your lovely morning wishes}

2. This piece of blue sky


{because there was an ever-so-fluffy white cloud in it; which reminded me of the happy paintings i made for mummy when i was a kid}

3. This cough drops


{because Oli got them for me when my then boyfriend was partying at F1 and i was sick}

4. This book


{because i brought a friend to 100 great cities of the world on his (belated) birthday}

5. This gift


{because loving is giving, and this gift is all there is to love, for our birthday Ruby}


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  1. i like 1. This view .. how much do you charge for decorating a home.. 😛

      1. ok.. im willing to pay RM 100 if that makes you happy for 1 hours.. 😛

  2. how do u keep em all so white? liquid paper? O.o

    1. dunno o_o never thought of it. haha

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