Update :

Ai Rene wrote on my wall & read what she said to me! 😀

“NO NO NOT just staying with me.. u can also wear my nightie dress accessories makeup toiletries etc all that you… can think off. then we can have brunch dinner supper together just like 3 yrs ago.. and cont’ our endless story till the color of the sky turn midnight blue share the same dream till 12. haha the next day we can flirt around like nobody cares and walk down the st like watak of ‘sex and the city’ .. omg i have got to prepare a list for us :))))”


* * *

Does departing makes you cry? The only girl who managed to make me shed tears so far is none other than my bestest friend Ai Rene. I never dropped a tear for any friend who left me to another country before. But every time this girl does it, I can never stop myself from feeling very… very.. very uber sad.


I met her at the Tasmania airport. Maybe earlier, complete strangers. It was the first time in my life leaving Malaysia to stay in a foreign country. This may sound like a simple sentence but trust me, it wasn’t all that easy.

I was by myself, had no one; and by fate, God arranged us to meet. Sounds so gay but no, we like beef.

At the corner of my eyes I saw this girl in turquoise. She didn’t look too stuck up nor too friendly. She has this very neutral facial expression with a hidden faint smile in her. With her specs on, I thought she is getting a cert in education or something, but it turned out to be MASTERS in Architecture O.o”

I remember clearly how it was like. The hot summer air, the deceiving wind, the air smelt like hay… Our cab ride from the airport to town was when we started introducing ourselves. I immediately knew this girl is awesome! She is my favourite Rolling Stone mag.


Pic taken at our very first event we attended together shortly after settling down @ Tassie – Eve’s Night. A church thing.

There’s this coincidence that I really love about us. My full name, is Tey Cindy, while her name is Tan Ai Rene. So there is no Cindy Tey Xin Yi or Airene Tan Ai Ling. That wouldn’t have make any sense at all.  xD

Our upbringings are pretty much similar considering the fact that both our mothers were school teachers! Plus, PLUS, our mothers are from North Malaysia, a neighbouring state; which means we naturally have the same slang when we speak! It’s like the bahasa in Kelantan is very much different from the bahasa we use down South.


This was where we used to hang out. It became a compulsory for me to buy soy milk here at this cafe’ and this red shirt fler would make fun of me. Misses it deadly!

Ai Rene & I can talk about aaaaanything and by anything, I meant 360 degrees. We discussed about all areas a woman has in her life, or we can not talk, and still feel like we talked. HAHA (like Ultramans).

Give me a pie it will never become a chart because when it comes to this friendship, division does not exists. Both of us can share (AND perfectly agree in the differences of) our thoughts / views. This is very crucial in every relationship don’t you agree?

There is a thin fine line in everything, but with Ai Rene, everything is made easy. Barriers will never build up and get in the way. 🙂


& oh. ANOTHER thing I looovvveee about her is her spontaneity. Seriously! No one I know rocks life with the right momentum but this girl. It is always good to have a balance in everything and usually Libras have that, but sadly they are not the most rational creatures on earth. Ai Rene knows how to break even between work N’ play.

The picture above is about our unforgettable trip to Melaka with two guys. One of em is my ex. Haha what the – ALL spontaneous people who just hit the road, jump into a car, N’ GO. Loves it!

I believe life is to be loved. But the people around me; their stupidity and negativity always fails my stand on this. And no one, no one gives me the kind of vibe and force to ‘live life love it’ but this BFF of mine. I feel so lucky.


Our 1st X’mas celebration together with short hair – White Christmas <3

After a year of not having Ai Rene in my life, finally she came back to tanah air for a month. Even though we only managed to spend 2 days together, I am glad. I am so glad to find out that time and distance does not change anything between us. NOT A BIT I SWEAR. That makes us stronger than a couple undergoing LDR (long distance relationship)!


Picture taken a month ago – looks like our hair grows at the same pace too! 😀

If you are wondering why we posed like cranes,


we were just trying to show off our newly painted toe nails in the nail bar but the Philippino lady chopped our feet off. lol

I miss Ai Rene. I miss her! Can die.


Thank God I’m flying to Australia this May ’10 to find her. Whatever it is, nothing is gonna stop me from going. If I have to quit my job, then maybe I have to~ I am gravely starting to think that all this is starting to sound so so gay but hey, gay (happy) it is!

Gold Coast Brisbane is the way to go, baybeh~! Just like the old times. Just like the old times. Maybe I’ll find some inspiration there with the hand of this angel of mine, continue my Masters there… & hey! That means Cin City would under Nuffnang OZ! Would you still like it that way? 😀

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  1. Gold Coast Brisbane is really the way to go!!!
    Missin’ that place already!!!

    1. i’ve never been there! so excited…

  2. Awww.. Sweet friend 🙂

  3. U 2 more good looking than tat skinny bird ~

    1. HAHA THANKS! lolsss

  4. The stars will follow you wherever you go.
    Loyal fans will always remain loyal,you can count
    on it.

    1. how r u so sure when i’m not? ):

  5. you two will meet again, start hugging, kissing and then…

    oops.. i think i went to deep edy.. haha.. *joking*

    anyway, im sure you two will meet up again and have awesome fun together! =D

    1. WTF? lol kena con bo song izzit! xD

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I’ve been reading your blog for the past 2 years after watching the MDG
    Season 1. I really like reading your blog!
    I can’t help telling you this, your ex-bf was my uni mate! Saw him
    during the undergrad graduation, not sure if he’s still studying.
    What a small world!

    1. Oh my God. *faints* Which uni were u in! OMG OMG *closes eyes*

      1. Hahaha.. Am in Curtin University, Perth,still here, doing my
        postgrad studies!
        I met him personally and when I saw him in your blog and he was your ex-bf, I was like ‘………’
        And he’s actually my friend’s church friend.. hohoho!!

      2. SWT -____- it really is him then. he graduated from Curtin, yes. Y is the world small?! i thought the internet is wider than land oredi… HAIH! don’t wanna talk about sad stuff ):

      3. Nothing to feel sad about I guess.. Should be happy that it happenned, and all things happen for best!
        Good Luck in all:)

      4. will do! goin 2 OZ pretty soon~!

  7. very deep and thoughtful..reading it makes me missing my
    fren back in US..btw addicted to ur blog d..haha xD xD

    1. awww… *hugs* we both same-same. lol~ r u goin to the US soon?

      1. yes yes..hopefully will have chance soon…btw matta fair gonna be on this weekend…going seoul next year..xD xD

      2. Yay` Seoul dude! hahahaha

  8. aww.. LDR. reminds me of my gf now T_T back in the PRC.

    she’s coming back thou on 18th this month. hip hip hooray!

    and cheer up Cin XD

    1. 😀 Rejoicing is BESTTT.

  9. i am missing my best friend too !! wu wu wu ~~~ but but we are going for a trip to hongkong in april ! yipeeeeeeee

    1. SO SYIOK!!! happy 4 u; i know how exciting that feels! :DDD

  10. after all that lesbian talk, i just had to LMAO at the “chopped” off photo 🙂

    1. hahaha! like cranes fols

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