Carpet FML

Carpet fucks my life. In a good, and bad way. Seriously. How does she do it?

First, she lets you think she is very cute and guai. You’ll definitely let her out (the cage) right? You see! So cute!!


Curious Carpet wondering what’s inside my room. She was peeping for sooo long I thought, why not~ Just let her in.


Let her in, she wondered what’s outside. T__________T But I won’t let her out the room again lah duh!, she just went in.


Because the floor felt too slippery for her paws, she geram-ed and continuously stretched like a Carpet. Got pun.

Since she was so geram I let her out, she RAN away from me to squeeze herself into a corner.


Fat butt!! Thank God there was the existence of this cube or she would’ve ran under the fridge again and FML x10.


Padan muka! Got stuck. I didn’t wanna budge the box; observed her in that position for a couple of minutes, see what she’s gonna do.


She closed her eye lids. SO CUTE wtf! Seriously cannot tahan the fler~


So I released Si Permaidani Putih comel cantik giler.

Now that I’ve most prolly made you love her more, I shall let you feel a 5% of what I felt after this hedgehog cheated my deep kam cheng


NAH! She pushed her butt against a very hard-to-clean corner, PEED and SHITTED there like damn syiok liddat.

Release her for 15 minutes I need to clean TWO carpets of shit. FML

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  1. Ah. Next time get a dog. lol

    1. my lifestyle CMI )=

  2. hahahaaha… ni must be bengang giler wan when see him shit! I can imagine Ur expression! XD

    1. u know me too well. hahahah!

  3. skinny_annikha on

    LOL,,, you know i really love hedgehog…

    btw, where,how,and when can i buy those dress?
    hmmm… i am going to wear it and then post it…


    30 bucks only? okay m going to bought it!

    1. oh the dress, i meant i m gonna sell it for 30 bucks. i bought it 79.90 if not mistaken. if u want then need 2 send to u! haha 😀

  4. OMG! totally unexpected. LOLX.

    But how come the shit looks so big wan? Carpet is so tiny!

    1. i don’t know! all the sudden one day she just starts shitting big big thiu one

  5. hahha….if onli carpet can talk…

  6. The last photo…. eewwwww!!!

    1. ewwwwww! hahah i also want to ewww

  7. hahhaha so freaking funny sial!

    1. so bad. hahahahahah

  8. Ewwwwwww.. Btw, she’s getting fatter!

    1. she is. urgh must put her on DIET.

  9. wei how long is a Hedgehog’s lifespent ah?

  10. the poo looks so huge coming from a hedgehog!

    1. i know man. a LOT too FML

  11. LOL.. so cute at first.. but so potong stim in the end! =P

  12. So lonely …… he is trying to escape from u & to look for luv toooo ……LOL

  13. Holy Crap!

    Lesson here; animals crap to squeeze into tight spaces”, then their caretakers clean the crap up.

    1. my lesson learnt the hard way fml

  14. next time it closes its eyes, roll em out! kekeke.

    aww i pity that beauty hands of your, have to clean up the puke.


    1. it’s SHIT weihhh

  15. lol for som1 so small, carpet sure shits alot ^__^

    1. YA MAN! tell me about it T.T

  16. Hi, came across your blog while surfing, can’t help
    myself to drop a note. That’s a cute little thing
    you got there..especially, when she was stuck at the
    corner. Looks adorable !

    1. awww~ thanks chefo! she is cute, N getting widerr…

  17. Hahah…shes cute!! and spoilt too 🙂 But at least she knows that she’s loved so much 😀

    1. she knows meh! i think she doesn’t know who what i m!

  18. Oh NOO!!!! cute but so notty one !!!

    1. VERY naughty. T_____T

  19. This is the first time I commented on your blog..
    Yes, I can’t help but felt sooo funny about your carpet.
    Certainly a lovable “hsemate” hehehe..

    1. hahahah! HOUSEMATE?! @_______@”

  20. OMG…so cute!! should have got a hedgehog then hamsters who do nothing but run in its wheel and sh*t last time. hahahahaha…

    1. every animal has its pros n cons!

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