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There are countless (i repeat: countless) articles in almost every magazine on the topic “Healthy Diet“. i’ve read and tried many of those advises since i was a teenager. Some work, some don’t. After many years of experiences and endless effort in maintaining a healthy diet, i am proud to share with you a summary of my diet bible. Here are 3 Ways (to start) and 3 Tips (to last):

Top 3 Ways

1. Understand what’s Good / Bad for your Body.


Practice to be more aware of the nutrition food can offer. When looking at a menu, picture the plate and the things that come with it before shouting “Order!“. i promise there is most likely going to be a battle between What You Wish To Eat versus What You Know You Should Eat. For example:

Juicy Beef Burger with Chips VS Grilled Chicken Fillet with Asparagus

Creamy Carbonara with Crispy Bacon VS Green Salad with Salmon

Nasi Lemak Panas Tambah Telur VS Tosai Kosong dan Ayam Tandoori

Moist Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream VS yogurt and assorted nuts

Caramel Hazelnut Latte with Cream VS Chamomile Tea

i know what you’re thinking! But remember: It’s all about taking control and eating to feel good after. It is okay to eat greasy food once in a while, but you don’t want to feel fat and bloated after every meal… because that’s not sexc, people!

2. Set a Goal and Work towards It.


Stick your favorite half-naked shot of your hottest idol on your fridge or full-length mirror. Make a rational plan to get that bod and work towards it step by step. Make sure you apply it to your everyday life and ask no questions i.e “Should i eat this packet of chips? Just… a little bit?“. Stick to your original plan and JUST DO IT.

3. Be Disciplined.


Please, do yourself a favor. Advise #3, is THE KEY to success especially in this matter. Period.


Top 3 Tips

1. Live by:


Here is a guideline on how to maintain a good diet plan (my way):

Breakfast: Cereal with low fat milk + a choice of Fruit of the Day.

Tip: Buy a variety of cereals and fruits so you can swap in between without getting bored of eating the same thing every morning. And of course, i mean a medium serving of cereal; not half a box per morning.

Lunch: Sandwich + Salad

Tip: If you’re starting to feel hungry a couple of hours later, eat a banana.

Dinner: Grilled white meat + Vegetable(s) of the Day

Tip: Any white meat will do as long as it is not fried! Do try to have at least one serving of veg in your meal. If you need carbs, eat only half of what you’re served. You shouldn’t be eating more than 1 bowl of rice a day.


2. (Seriously) Cut down on Oily food.


Almost everything tastes nicer FRIED. Think: Deep Fried Soft-Shell Crabs VS Boiled Crabs. It’s a fact almost nobody can deny, but that doesn’t mean we have to choose the first option always. Try to CUT down on oily food and make this a daily routine (until you achieve your dream bod). By then, it will naturally become a habit instead. 😉

3. Snack Wisely


i personally always crave for snack / desert after every meal. Fortunately for me, it is a matter of continuing the munch and not too much of what it is. Therefor, i always opt for yogurt, a handful of (baked) nuts, edamame, sliced fruits, or when i have the ‘sweet tooth attack’, i spoil myself to a small serving of ice cream / half a bar of chocolate.

i hope this healthy ‘manifesto’ will be able to guide, support, and encourage you to eat healthier everyday. Start today, not tomorrow. There is no fat people in this world, only lazy people. 😛 For more fun health tips on eating habits and healthy living, tune in to 1 Sihat Malaysia hosted by Fahrin Ahmad; which also features stories from local celebrities, or visit http://gayahidupsihat.my/ to start unleashing that sexc body within you.


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  1. I can’t stop myself from leaving a comment in this entry!

    *nods, nods*

    Agree with all the tips you’ve given. I used to weigh 85kg or maybe more in the past and boy, that was a sickening experience, no joke! Then, I decided, “No more of bad eating behaviours!”

    I totally CUT OFF fast food intake, NOTHING deep-fried and NOTHING stir fry. Most of the times, fruits and yogurts were my best companions. Since I loved Starbucks’ beverages then, instead of ordering frappucino or latte, I went for Mint Tea instead. Cravings? Yeah, I had to deal with them and if my cravings were bad, I would have yogurt or well… dragon fruits.

    Within the first 4 months, my weight dropped 20kg but of course, I went swimming and jogging too because my cravings were so bad that I felt like I could die! So, I needed to do something to distract myself. After the next 2 months, my weight went down another 10kg. LOLX!

    So, yes, you are what you eat!

    Thanks for sharing this great and meaningful tips, Cindy! No wonder you are gorgeous in every single way! Keep up the good job of looking gorgeous and sharing it with the world!

    1. thanks for leaving a comment! i wish many would read it besides my post. am proud of your discipline. you go girl! 😉

  2. This is the stuff that I kinda preach on daily. 😀 But I do have some cheat days. hehe.

    1. cheat days are awesome 😡

  3. it’s hard to choose what you wanna eat when you’re not staying with your family. eating-out is what we do almost everyday. but i do try to eat healthy for my brekkie. baby step. haha

    1. as long as you start to take the 1st step it is considered good (:

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  5. I’m a typical meat-eater, I really can’t resist myself… But of course I’ll give it a try 🙂 And by the way, I like the “you are what you eat” picture! hahaha.

    1. i like the burger! OPS 😡

  6. what’s the joy of life when we have to “discipline” ourself to selectively choose the food which we dislike but good for our health. Why cant we just eat what we like, and go for regular checkup/exercise?

    reading your post, I can hear my FAT screamingg.. NOOO… !

    1. because feeling good after is important? haha! q;

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