[AD] Me & My Volkswagen


A good car to me is like a faithful friend. Protective, loyal, and never fails to let you down; especially when you need it the most. i took this Volkswagen Polo Sedan for a test drive one fine evening, and found myself so engrossed while driving it i was actually talking to ‘her’ literally and went like “Faster baby!“, “Awwwesome“or “Good girl“. LOL! This car is amazing. She exceeds my expectations in so many ways while sometimes giving me wow-like surprises.


“The new Volkswagen Polo Sedan is especially created for the discerning few who can appreciate true value and seek out the good things in life. Expect nothing less than the best of German engineering! It’s one of the most stylish, comfortable, spacious and practical rides for our times.”


It is no wonder why driving her was one helluva experience! This gorgeous car comes with a 1.6l petrol injection 16-valve MPI engine, delivering 105PS that powers you up to a top speed of 183 km/h. It is also equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic, getting you anywhere you wanna go smooth, steadfast and safe.


Speaking of the interior, it is well finished with exclusive fabric and upholstery, featuring soothing colours (it’s all about harmony, baby!), plus genuine leather wrapped around the steering wheel and gear knob. She also comes with an all-round impeccable finish (i think of it just like a dream bra any women’d love to wear). 😆


Even the ‘car blind’ could unmistakably tell that you’re driving a Volkswagen – that’s how stylish a brand it is. The Polo Sedan itself comes with 15” cast aluminium alloy wheels, green tinted heat absorbing glass, and chrome accented fog lamps that light up brilliantly in treacherous and unpredictable weather conditions such as mist, heavy rain and fog. Hello Malaysia!


Now this is the part that we can not miss. With bag snatching and window breaking on the roads being the hottest topic in town (and on the internet), the last thing we need is another thing to worry about when it comes to the safety aspects of our very own car we’re driving everyday. Like a good ol’ friend, the Polo Sedan will catch you whenever you ‘fall’! Featuring an airbag system with 4 airbags (yes, FOUR), it is also equipped with ABS, anti-lock braking system, and a central locking system that comes in very handy for the forgetful drivers like… me.


(Every) Volkswagen comes with a 5 year unlimited mileage Warranty + a 5 year Mobility Guarantee. All this, to ensure your peace of mind when you’re driving the Polo Sedan.


My brother and i were driving around our suburb while blasting nursery ryhmes the radio (with CD-MP3/WMA player and 4 speakers including roof antenna); you should’ve seen the expressions on our faces. Basically we’re like kids all over again; sitting in a (moving) car for the very first time, getting in for a ride we can never forget. We even went in circles at the parking lot before deciding to park our car, leaving the security guards extremely puzzled about what these crazy kids are doing!


A car. A best friend. A companion for life. This is, the Volkswagen Polo Sedan. 😉


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