[AD] Dear Mirror (1)


Albeit appearing on TV numerous times before, there’s something about being in front of the cameras and under the shining spotlights that make me feel life with so much passion. It is something i could see myself do everyday; something i could never get bored of. Having that said, it is my pleasure to invite one of you, my lucky readers, to take part in the Olay Skin Breakthrough Challenge with me.


If you are chosen, we will both appear on TV to share our 6 week transformation journey and work as a team to win great prizes! Just send me an email sealed with a recent photo of yourself, personal details, and tell me “Why do you deserve to be part of Olay Skin Breakthrough Challenge” in not more than 20 words. (you can find my email address at the sidebar)


i’m very excited to start this challenge so start sending your entries now to begin our journey of achieving advanced fairness together with Olay White Radiance (and no whitening injection*)! i am ready. Are you?

*epidermal level only
*results not equal



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    1. Olay chose orang edi.. hehe

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  3. who joined you who joined you? XD


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