[AD] Dear Mirror (4)


My boyfriend is the biggest fan i know of me without makeup, but as for me…. not so much. However, after using Olay White Radiance for a couple of weeks now, i’m proud to show you my face minus the paint! p.s: he has been using my cleanser too :mrgreen:


Gym was my only alternative to break a sweat just so i could avoid the sun, but then i realized how much that fear had stopped me from enjoying the real meaning of keeping fit – running on green grass in replacement of the treadmill, listening to a good friend in contrary to an iPod, and thank God for a change in breathing fresh air instead of sweaty men! All this wouldn’t have been made possible without Olay, as Olay understands the importance of having desirable skin to women, where looking their very best at special occasions helps boost their confidence.


Our upcoming friendly tennis match is getting closer and closer. Ruby and i have been alternating between jogging and swimming, keeping an eye on our diet, and of course protecting our skin from the macho sun by using Olay White Radiance products before and after sports.

Powered by CelLucent™ technology, White Radiance addresses hydration, translucency and whitening concerns, to help women begin their journey at the cellular level* to achieve CelLucent™ Fairness. If you have opted for the “whitening” category, don’t miss out the Olay White Radiance CelLucent™ White Essence, as this product is proven to give two times more spot reduction**!

*epidermis level only

**measured in the laboratory for “Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence+ CelLucent White Cream” vs. “Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Essence+Restoring Cream” after 4 weeks usage on 344 Chinese female in Beijing in 2008


The new technology behind this product is inspired from the very insight of nowadays; many women are turning in to clinical treatments. However, they are living on their fear of taking risks and the extremely high cost and investment. Henceforth, Olay White Radiance offers solution for these women who demands visible result, yet risk-free and worth a spending; just like us:



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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. My ALL time favorite picture!

    1. doesnt look like u at all!

  2. omg rubys expression hahahahahhaha

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