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Question of the Day : What is the ONE thing you can’t leave home without?


The first thing that came to my mind, was concealer. Then compact powder. Eyelash glue. Maybe blusher. Oh wait, KEYS!!!!!

But seriously, when you really come to think about it, the answer is cellphone.


Imagine if i left my phone at home and went out for the whole day. Then my dad called me and i didn’t pick up. He would be so worried and i would get a big fat scolding for that!

Hypothetically speaking, your car breaks down in the middle of the road and your cellphone is at home. What would you do? Stop vehicles in the middle of the road to ask for help?


So you see, whether you like it or not, cellphones are very important. And today, they let you do more than just stay connected.


Neither do you need to get your hands dirty by carrying a stack of newspaper everywhere you go, nor do you need to wait in front of the TV at 8 P.M. to watch the evening news; you can get updated from time to time with just a small device in your hands.


You can also browse your favourite sites without having to carry a heavy laptop with their messy tangled chargers around! i really hate that.


For most girls, or male Twitterers, you can cam whore / Twitpic your current snap-of-the-day and share it to the World. Who cares if people don’t wanna see how your meal looks like on a plate? If it makes you happy, DO IT!


You can also listen to music without having to carry your CD player, MP3 player, or RADIO out. lol


All is made possible with just ONE cool gadget – the ANDROID cellphone.


i’ve used the apple and berry, but i’ve yet to try the android like this one from SamsungGalaxy SL!


When it comes to getting the latest phones, Celcom has the BEST deals so you know where to look. Here’s how you can get the new Samsung Galaxy SL phone. 8)


Be the 1st 100 customer to register online @ Celcom’s website here, and you get RM100 discount on the new phone, PLUS a FREE 8GB micro SD card!

You also get an additional 5% discount on your monthly bill every month with any major credit cards via auto-billing. How cool is that?! 😀


Here is why this android is awesome :

  • Super Clear LCD to provide clear visibility in broad daylight
  • Longer Battery Life that allows 24/7 connectivity
  • Android OS: easy to use and compatible with PC computer
  • HD Video Recording with the brightest, vibrant and vivid colors compatible to HD movies


With Celcom Exec postpaid plans, you could save over RM800; which is more than 50% savings!



If you are still wondering why you should choose Celcom Exec 50, here i’ve listed down the benefits for you :

  • FREE mobile internet and call within network on weekends
  • Call rate as low as 10.5sen/min (this is after 30% discount)
  • Talk more, save more. Up to 30% automatic discount
  • Celcom Exec only requires you to sign up for an 18-month contract – Other networks usually require you to commit for 24 months!


Don’t you just wanna go android? You’ll never know how much you love it until you get your hands on one. EVERY android users will tell you THAT!

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  1. Wah, Cindy you write so much about the Samsung cell phone and Celcom. Are you working for either company??? But whatever it is, you sure have very indept knowledge of both companies.
    But one thing I am agree….. beside scolding you, your dad will be dead worry if he couldn’t contact or locate you.
    Malaysia is not safe, plus you are so pretty, thats will make you very vunerable. So update your dad or mum your movement and location to let them have a peace of mind and your own safety especially when you are having late nights out. Have fun but be safe.

    1. i’m not working for them, but this is a paid advertorial so i have to understand how they work. i’m not a fan of updating my parents about my location, but i understand it can be quite worrisome for them >.<

  2. Wow..i love the gorgeous top you were wearing in the pictures.Where did you get it from? Mind to share?

  3. Hey just wondering.. is that a top/ dress? it’s nice:) where did you get it from? 🙂

    1. it’s a Ms Selfridge dress (;

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