A Touch of Pink


Last weekend was a fairly laid-back one spent with my brother so i opted for cozy, snugly pieces like this oversized knit and (newly purchased) comfort stretch jeans (as mentioned here) to suit the mood. To be honest, i was also ‘wearing’ no makeup avec unwashed hair and my brother said that would shine through my pictures; but i didn’t care. i told him i kinda love it that way (natural albeit messy) and that i’m only human. As he shook his head i could see the unheard laughters in his head. There and then i was reassured, that no one could possibly accept this beautiful mess, as much as he does. ♡





Sunglasses: ByWP
Studded Knit: TOPSHOP
Star Necklace: FOREVER21
Platforms: CHARLES & KEITH
Blue Jeans: WRANGLER
Purse: PRADA


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  1. i need me a new wallet too, maybe in pink :X

    1. i dare u!!! hahaha q;

  2. I love the candy pink wallet, really pops! & I’ll probably never get tired of admiring it.

  3. The wallet is gorgeous!! (: (:

    1. i think so too!! it’s a (birthday) gift ((:

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