Hollywood Stunt Driver

Here is my last OZ post as promised.


This is one of the last few pics i took with Ai Rene left to share ):


We were at Movie World, Gold Coast, and this has got to be one of the awesomest LIVE show i ever witnessed with my own eyes.

You’ll see why now :


This place is not named Movie World for no reasons. Here, we are shown the ways of how a Hollywood stunt scene is shot.


It is very the ang moh style – got people selling pop corns and coca cola liddat.


My dear BFF i miss u so dearly T__________T


This is the so-called “director” of the Hollywood stunt scene.


“Directing the scene” – kan cheong max; don’t know what’s gonna happen.


i wished i was the girl next to him! haha


Motorbike stunt scene.


Dancing cars scene @___@


The accidental broken car scene…


EXPLOSIVE SHOT. hati pun dekat nak terpelanting!


Finalshot of the leng chai director  ♥.♥


And us.

That ends my OZ trip guys! i miss Australia like hell but ……….

旧 的 不 去 , 新 的 不 来 啊 ! ! ! 哈 哈 。 。

i am going to Bali TOMORROW for a week with Eri Peng and Ruby Ooi. WOO HOO!!


Yang kena kerja tuu, jangan jeles. For those who are not going anywhere, i’m sure KL is still gonna be as beautiful as it is everyday. (forget the jam! forget the jam!)

Flashing back the great parties i attended here for the past couple of weeks, now i feel like i’m gonna miss out a lot this weekend. 🙁

* * *

One of my favourite ones is the XPLAY party which happened on Wednesday, 16th June.


(XPLAY is a series of music events nationwide that brings various genres of music together by only the best local and international DJs such as DJ Fuzz, DJ Xu, LapSap, Thaitanium, DJ Jessica & DJ Yasmin from Indonesia.)

It was a great night as we had “Hip Hop VS Electro” and everyone was partying like neva before to the ground-shaking music~

How did i get the invite? So simple. i saw this promo, joined the Xpax Facebook page here as a fan, and waa laa~!

Did you party hard enough? i super adore my own life style now – with all that traveling, partying, shopping, eating, balancing it out with working, blogging, shooting, exercising, spending time with my Spanish soccer star…


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  1. waaaa.. holidaying again after OZ.. 🙂 live the life at fullest!

    1. life is short <- so over rated but true!

  2. I wanna go traveling too!!! All your GC posts makes me wanna book the next flight to GC, like nowwwwww!!!!

    Have fun in Bali love =P

  3. Have FUN in Bali 😀

    1. i tried! but quite hard cuz i was sick T_______T

  4. FYI, leng chai mo pun sam.
    Enjoy your trip to Bali and
    don’t forget your reader.
    Post more awesome happening
    after the trip.

    1. Will start posting 😀

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