[AD] Swing City

Just the other day, Eri and i stumbled across a video of two hot female DJs through the official Castrol Malaysia’s Facebook page.

We were having Japanese for dinner and basically laughed our sushis off while watching this hilarious video :

Watching the two DJs acting seemed so much fun it got us talking about how we missed the good old days where we acted, directed, and even edited our own video assignments! (Eri and i are both performing arts graduates)


One of my favourite videos of all time is ‘Breath‘, by Samuel Beckett – an avant-garde writer, dramatist, and poet.

After a nice long chit chat over Curry Katsu and Unagi Roll, we decided to use what we learned from our performing arts school and shoot a video spoof like the one Fara from Fly & Jane from One FM did.

i named it ‘Swing City‘ – a video inspired by Samuel Beckett.

Geddit, geddit?? ha ha!! Samuel Beckett videos aren’t long.

If you were to shoot a video of 2 best friends sabotaging each other for a prize / highly sought after item, how would you do it? Tell me. 😉

Here are one, two, and three funny, interesting and intriguing videos that you might enjoy as well. Who knows, if you get some creative juice flowing in that lil brain, and come out with something better than OURS!!! lol


Next is my last post on OZ, and it is about the jaw-dropping Hollywood STUNT DRIVER show – something so fun i’ve never seen before this lifetime.

It so happened to be brought to us by Castrol too; just like the video viral i shared. i hope you enjoy ’em; especially the one i did with Eri.

Go ahead and leave me some comments; i would love to know how you interpret it. 8)

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    1. hahahahahhahaha *pengsan U

  1. You look like Tavia Yeung (杨怡), a lot. 🙂

    1. O.o” so cantik meh! lol shy maxxx

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