The Heirloom

i bet most of you went to Arthur’s Day last weekend. Well i didn’t 🙁 Don’t ask.

i already picked my Black Party Chic dress for the event weeks before; and if i were to make it there, you would definitely see me in this :


Heirloom maxi dress from The Pop Look.

Arthur’s day is not only about Guinness. It is also about the fusion of music, fashion, well basically, art. The art of mixing.

Since the event was held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, i planned to slip on un par de sandalias; a pair of sandals. See the gold chunky one i’m wearing in this picture above? Loves it! 😉


i know i am playing around with ‘if(s)’ here, but hey, that’s the only way i could make me feel better about missing the Biggest Event of The Year! i am also playing with the fusion of fashion here if you haven’t noticed. So..

Question : How do you make a LBD (little black dress) look good without wearing heels? (i mean c’mmon, think about it. It’s almost impossible!)


Answer: Wear a black MAXI dress like so.

Classy, sexc (loves the bare back – suits Sunway Surf Beach perfectly), and so Nicole Richie! Nicole is not very tall, but she always wears maxi dresses with flats and still look Gorgeous.

Want the heirloom piece i’m wearing? Click on this. 8)

p/s: keep an eye on this space because i’m updating it 3 times today!

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  1. hey dear .. can’t find tat gojes piece ;(
    u dun wana sell it aa ..? ><'

    1. i think it sold out.. & i don’t think i’m selling it soon… >.<

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