Shopping, Online.


There is good and bad to almost every thing in this world but there is one particular matter, which has made me start recognizing more of its pros than cons:


You might be thinking “it’s a blogger’s thing”, or a “it’s a girl thing”, but allow me to analyze this with you a little bit before we jump into conclusion, shall we? 😉

PROs of online shopping

1. You see a LOT in a short period of time. Less walking, just clicking.

2. Time efficient. No jam, no parking hassles, absolutely no DANGER.

3. You buy EXACTLY what you want. Every time i actually go shopping, i ended up buying everything i don’t need. Least the things i need.

4. Easy payment. No need to queue for ATM when running low on cash.

5. No need to CARRY bags. Instead, you receive pretty parcels to open like gifts! Which girl doesn’t like that? 😀


For the past 5 years i had been yearning desperately for a complete, gorgeous set of baju kebaya. Be it for Raya, a Malay friend’s wedding, or simply for the sake of owning a pair of traditional outfit as a true Malaysian. Every now and then i made visits to boutiques at Bangsar, cari kainukur kain, but i never found one that i really like and it’s all just way too fussy.


One random day, i decided to take the first step in searching for my dream kebaya online. In less than 30 minutes, i found it just like that! In 2 days, i received a beautifully wrapped bag and excitedly tore it open like a kid and her Christmas gift from Santa. As i put on the complete outfit, i couldn’t help but wonder, “How did i search for something so unsuccessfully, when i could have done it so easily? Where have i been!

So to you online shopping virgins who would like to take pleasure in amazing promotions on shopping, what are you waiting for? To those who are experts and would love to get online shopping fashion and boutique vouchers it’s time to start locating your next dazzling bargain. Have fun and good luck! 🙂




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