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Be it sports, games, music, or even wallpapers, The Cube is the only mobile content portal that gives you the hottest tunes, the latest buzz, the most fun games and loads of other EXCLUSIVE content for your mobile. New and fresh contents are constantly updated at The Cube to make sure that you stay hip and cool, so there’s no need to worry about being left behind! 8)


In the past week, people have been talking about The Cube but no one really knew what it’s all about. It started with people talking about it on Facebook and Twitter, then the conversation was all over the internet! The mystery got even more interesting when videos of people dancing on the streets with cubes as heads began to pop up on YouTube. Like this one:

Now you know what The Cube is all about! 😀

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  1. i don’t know about it..

  2. btw i want to say..i love your blog simples and nicely!

    keep up bloging okeh!

    1. my blog will go on… lol! *jiwang

  3. hihihi…


    anda sgt lucu rupenya..

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