Promise Me

This is not a very interesting topic to talk about, but treat it as an appetizer to the bigger news i’m about to share later on.

Last weekend, i went to Genting Highlands with my parents and silly brother.


Secretly, i thought of that as something very “uncool”. My parents don’t gamble, my brother and i don’t like the rides too much, i really have no idea what’s to do there except to eat at Gohtong Jaya. And Gohtong, is not even Genting yet.

And so that’s what we did.


Eat! This is me and mummy waiting for :


bak kut teh. This bak kut teh is super tasty i must say~


My parents “gambled” at Gohtong, not Genting. You know those coupons you buy and scratch using coins? hahaha yeah, those ones.


And mum won 9 bucks! LOL


Also bought some hot sweet chestnuts to spice up the journey.


When we reached the top, we had ice-cream = eat again.


My brother Eugene who asked me to “talk to the hand” FHL

A couple of Genting pictures :



That’s my family 🙂


Mushroom Farm; which basically just sells mushrooms. There was no farm =.=

Last but not least, a family group picture for ya :


What i realized tho, is that at the end of the day, it is about spending time with your family wherever & whenever you get the chance to because not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Some has no parents; some are abandoned by their children.

That is why, i am a TLC Promise Me participant, officially starting today.


Promise Me is The Truly Loving Company’s (TLC) vision of social engagement for charitable causes. It is about channeling the collective energy of the community in helping the less fortunate, disabled and underprivileged in our society and gives everyone an opportunity to fulfill the wishes of the less fortunate.

My pledge is to help Madam Lily Sin get a beautiful pair of multi-focal spectacles & a hair make-over to suit the new frames.


The media launch for this campaign falls on 5th July, 4 pm at Bangsar Shopping Centre concourse. It will be officiated by Dato’ Sri Shahrizat Binti Abdul Jalil, the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development.

Those who are interested can go to the launch to find out more. i will definitely be there as well, i am super excited, and i really hope to see you there. 😀

Remember, the hand that gives, is also the hand that receives.

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  1. I envy you because I got no proper family 🙂

    1. build one in future 😉

    2. Hi Xiaopei

      My heart goes out to u, coz i don’t hv much of a Family too.
      But i have overcome that.

      How old R U ?
      Perhaps we can be friends and i can share with U how
      to overcome that feeling of having ” no proper family ” and still
      feel reasonably Happy in Life, which i have done. 🙂


  2. +ve +ve energy… ohmmp *transfer to teycindy 😀

    (macam la transfer file to you! lol)

    1. ahahahaha that’s y! but i think i need it T_____T

  3. From all the posts I used to read, somehow your this post
    do sound a bit not as enthusiastic as some of the previous one,
    I feel the way you write it, it’s as though as it’s a chore just
    to put something up.

    Yeaps, nice family you have always. 🙂

    1. u r very sensitive towards writing. i won’t deny it, i was pms-ing really badly that day. lol fml!

  4. “talk to the hand” his hand must
    be the hand of the god (as in footballer maradona)

    1. that’s y! naughty brother hahahaha///

  5. For your pledge…
    For the hair cut…
    Try to talk to Grace, at Grace Salon, BVII
    If you want, I can try to talk to her on your behalf…

    Let me know! 😉

    1. WOW! Really? This is awesome – U r the 1st person who volunteer to help with this pledge of mine! Do u know her personally? 😀

      1. Personnally is a big word, but I have been a customer of hers for 6 years and we have been talking….
        She is dealing with charities too, and I wonder if she woudl be interested to help on your action.
        I don;t promise you anyhting, but I wil try.
        Give me this W.E. to try to see her at the salon (without an aptmt!) and I will get back to you, OK
        Do you know what exactly you need:
        – look consultancy (to go with the glasses!)
        – haircut
        that is about it, right.
        It should not take too much of the time, right. It sonds like a regtular aptmt, right. I am saying that to try to minimise the impression of Grace “loosing time” for her agenda. I will do the 1st

      2. I will do the 1st request. Then I will give you feedback and I want you to come and negociate your part with her, OK! 🙂 That is how business is done, my dear!! But if I can help you, I will.
        Bring on the media, and i am sure Grace will be even happier!!! 🙂 Do you thing there are any media locked in with the “Promise me” campain??
        Look into it, OK! 😉

        Ciao! And I ‘ll be in touch.
        If there is any specific requirement you need from Grace, do let me know ASAP.


      3. will do a free advert write up for her salon!!!

      4. CINDY!!!!!!!!!!!
        Grace said yes!!!!!!!!!!
        You have your hair due fulfilled!!

        Call me!!!!!!
        014 966 0039

      5. AHMAGAD~! u r awesome nath. Looks like TLC knows about it too; u coming to the media launch today? 😀

    2. Are you on FB?
      Mai I ask what is your email address, to forward you my discussion with Grace today.
      TQ, Nath

  6. That’s why I try to take my daughter out for movies, holidays, etc. as often as I can. Coz once they grow up, it’s no longer so much fun anymore to do stuff together…

    1. i agree completely, now faster take 1st!

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  11. don’t think the mushroom farm’s there anymore, is it? )))) :

    i’ve always loved genting – in spite of it’s boring-ness. lol! & hey! i didn’t know you were the winner of malaysia’s dreamgirl trolololol. shows how behind the times i am! O:

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