Sunset Eyes

Here comes my 1st Bali post! Are you excited?? Well, probably you are not. But it doesn’t matter because i am, & i’m gonna make you scream YES!!! 😀


Bringin’ Hollywood to Bali – just wear black & put on your huge sunnies ANYTIME to get that Hollywood effect!


As i stressed on earlier, go for BLACK, grab that rocker leather bag, and a SMART phone – MUST HAVE. 8)

We planned to meet at KL Central & take a bus to the airport; which only costs RM9! i was kinda early & had a weird craving for the below since daysss before the trip :


Look what i found – a muffin top!!


i got the orange ^^


It was the first time i had a muffin top & i couldn’t help but to fall in ♥ with it~

The 3 of us fell asleep in the bus. Most prolly because we are very last minute people & excitement is like caffein – i find it difficult to sleep when my adrenaline is rushing lol


Hollywood sunnies in a ROW!!!


Finally got on the plane – you will see a lot of my 8) in this post.


Can you possibly guess which book belongs to which girl? He he he


One of my hobbies is to take pictures of airplane windows. Of it, through it, with it… i’m a sucker for plane windows T__________T


Desperately trying to steal as much sunlight as i could from the window pane!


Hurray for Brightness!!! 😀


W/out sunglasses.


Somewhere half-way with…


We got seats at the emergency exit doors, so here is the shot i got for u.


Somehow this reminds me of Gods & Heaven rosl (roll on sky laughing~)


Ma’ Gisele Bunchen sandals on the red carpet.

More cam whore shots of me, FYL :




i think i’m a narcissist, but that’s really something i’d rather choose not to admit.


Then the sun began to set – as our flight was at 5.45 PM.

From this point, the pictures you see of me are all painted with streaks of the golden sun!




Ok ok, LAST two :



peeping queen

Therefor, my Bali post ends here, (still) in the plane. Check out the last two shots i got! i fucking love ’em i even sync ’em into my iPhone :



i just want to fly… far far away from here.. i don’t want to ever come back.

There are so many miles i haven’t traveled, so many people i haven’t met, so many stories i haven’t heard…

i wanna be a Billionaire, so frickin’ bad… visit all the places i never went!

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  1. So, which book is yours? (:

    1. cannot tell so early!!! u guess 1st? 😀

  2. I’d say… it’s the comic book one.! (:

  3. i guess the “woman are crazy” is yours 😛

    1. Nope! That’s Eri’s lol~

  4. i love to take picture of the sky from the plane! but not myself la.. haha..
    and you love to sit at the window seat? me too! =D

    1. everyone loves the window seat XD

  5. Which part of kuala lumpur u r staying girl!!!

  6. Men are stupid to be seduce by
    crazy women.

  7. I love that photo of the window, it’s a perfect. Therefore it’s The Catcher in the Rye! Bong!

    1. Smart! that’s mine hahahaha!

  8. […] our beauty fell asleep right after camwhoring.. check out her sunset eyes post, u’ll know what i […]

    1. hahaha!!! me… *shy

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