Oh Mak Bali!

so i woke up from my nap on the plane with a dusty throat.

2 days before the trip, my colleague, Kelvin coughed directly to my face. so i got a cough on the exact day; which went away overnight.

however, 2 days after, the suffering resumed, lasted throughout my whole Bali trip, and trust me; i still AM sick today. what have i done to deserve this T__________T



allow me to start my 1st (proper) Bali post with a smile 🙂

we checked into Febri’s hotel around 10pm. it’s a decent, simple one as we planned to stay at Kuta for only a night.


white waiting for the girls to get ready~


i’m usually always ready. but for me to GET ready… lol, don’t even mention it.


last cam whore picture of yours truly.


time for dinner! the left side of my throat hurt like fuck but i really wanted my first meal @ Bali to be nothing but Indonesian to the max.


grabbed Eri who was on the phone with her dad for a quick snap!


my almost-sick face. you prolly can’t see the difference but i sendiri know wan lah, these kinda things~


mine was Nasi Goreng Ayam Special. the fried rice tasted average but the chicken really was some kinda “special”, in a good way!


must-have jus apulkat (avocado juice). how can anyone possibly not have this when they’re at indonesia!

after dina, it was time to burn off all that unwanted-late-night-gained-calories the fun way = dancin’ in da club 8)


i’m not gonna lie to you. the 1st club we went to was not air conditioned, smelt like evaporated testosterone, and you see either snobbish cheap whites, or horny locals everyyywherrre.

so we left to another where they were ONLY snobbish whites, but at least they are not cheap, and we had the whole dance floor to ourselves <3


Syiok max!!


some dude from California who kept saying i am beautiful only after he saw this pic we took with flash (i think men has a ‘rule’ of not believing what they see in clubs cuz it’s dark and can be deceiving lol).


him pointing at Eri hugging Ruby like a tree


with my lovelings in black~


some random cute Barbie Ken who perfected our picture by spoiling it.

Ohhh Mak Bali. i was actually dancing with a fever building up, while drinking Midori something something. i don’t remember. Oh Mak Bali.

next post is about Jagung Jimbaran. it is a MUST READ if you have plans to travel Bali in future. see you! 😉

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  1. fun ..fun…fun.!

  2. With your fever, you still can go on a
    dance fever, you are a great women.

    1. since i’m already there… try my best to enjoy it to the max lor… lol

  3. hahaha, why the preferrence of whites over azns? totally unfair!

  4. I would love to try that Avocado juice!!! *drools*

    1. it’s nice weih; but it dapat the bitter one, jia lat!

  5. always glad to see a foreign blogger visiting indonesia (although usually it would only be either Bali, and sometimes Jakarta) ^^
    hope u enjoyed Bali 😀

    1. i hope to go to Jakarta one day, but don’t know anyone there >.<

      1. if i’m in jakarta by the time u come to visit, i can accompany you 😉

  6. waa memang party animal

  7. Mmm, fried chicken yo! I spent 3 months in Indonesia a few years ago
    and made it from Pulau Weh to Flores, so fun! Jakarta seemed a bit dull though
    to be honest, though I’m sure it’s not if you spend time looking around!

  8. Your necklace with the white pearl is really gorgeous. Mind me aasking where you bought it from?


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