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{weekdays makeup : minus foundation}

Practicing the ritual of wearing makeup to work everyday basically means clogging your pores 9 hours a day / 45 hours a week / 180 hours per month (!) and that is very bad for your skin. However, going to work bare faced doesn’t sound like the best option either. i find myself in this daily dilemma until i finally found a solution that i would love to share with you beautiful working ladies.

The first (and only) step is to own a good skin care regime consisting of the products you feel most comfortable with – to your skin, and also your purse. Just like the fundamental rule of l.o.v.e. “you have to love yourself first before loving somebody else“, it is often advisable to first gain a good complexion from within instead of just masking your skin with makeup.


Try this: Go to a mall which has the most complete list of beauty counters. Don’t be shy to visit your favorite brands’ booth to get some product samples that suits your skin type, then go home and try them (on your neck first in case of allergic reaction). After the testing period is complete, make a simple budget plan and start customizing your own exciting skin care regime! We wash our face everyday so yes, it should be something fun. 😀

Once you have a healthy, well-balance skin, there is no need for foundation anymore. i recommend Biotherm White D-Tox corrective makeup base to replace your everyday foundation (save the paint for weekends, events or parties). Since the question people always ask me is what products i personally use, you may find the answer to my favorite ‘secret’ below. Keep in mind though, that the key is to find the right products that suit your skin.



Left to right:

1. Clinique liquid facial soap (dry-combination skin). Simple and effective. Purse friendly.
2. Laneîge light toner. Clean impurities, tighten pores, keeps skin transparent!
3. SK-II essence. (i reckon every woman should try a bottle at least once in their lifetime when they reach age 25)
4. Biotherm Aquasource gel moisturizer. 5 layers deep hydration with supreme comfort!
5. Dermalogica intensive eye repair. Specialized for fine / dry lines. Not purse friendly.
6. La Mer moisturizing creme. Burns your purse bank account, but a MUST-HAVE for skin care lovers!

*In case you’re wondering, occasionally when a zit pops up, i use Dalacin T. It dries (whilst medicate) pimples super fast.


What’s in your skin care regime? 🙂


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  1. all my skin care products are of clinique. but i dont think they are purse friendly. i also use the sk2 miracle water.

  2. looks like you have a bang, love it!!!

  3. yea love the bang! i was wondering what was the difference there..haha! totally agree,i wrote something similar but not so focused..daily makeup is really clogging and after some years the skin would age more than we can imagine..basically i used the pharmacy’s open shelf products and i find that if you know your skin and what you need, you can have the same outcome too minus the burns in the purse..and i find that regular masks sessions is a must to ‘preserve’ it..

  4. I am looking for many ways to keep my skin better but still don’t seem to have it. Will try everything u said except the foundation part la. Anyway, thanks for sharing your secret. =)

  5. dont think bang suits you, might be cz u hv long face, makes u look like a donkey, lolzz

  6. I think you look kinda cute with bangs, something different for a change. 🙂

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