Saint V

Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone!


I bet you must be having a great time with your family (I don’t know why would anybody read Cin City on the 1st day of CNY), but I’m still gonna update this my blog anyway.


Because it is ALSO St. Valentine’s Day and a couple of days ago I was inspired by this Valentine dress : –


to do this makeup medley : –


Think Paddle Pop ice-cream.  ^o^

Let’s start with the base.


Put a thin layer of lightweight foundation. Dab on eye concealer. Dust on some loose powder (not compact powder) to set.

You don’t want to look too over made up. What you want is a sorta milky velvety complexion.


Define your brows. Not too dark, just define it.

Below are the eye shadow colours you’re gonna need. The colours I chose are inspired by the romantic dress : –


Purple – Orange – Pink + Shimmering Pink as the highlighter.


Start with the darkest colour, purple. Sweep it across the crease of your eyes & line your bottom lash line (remember to stop right before the inner corner of the eye).


Take the orange. Apply the rich sunset colour over the lid, focusing at the corner.


Take pink, and apply it at the inner corner of your lid.


Last but not least, take the shimmering pink, and swipe it across the brow bone AND inner corner of the eye. These are the only places we left out, so just fill it in with glitter baybeh~!  😉


Now for the liquid eyeliner part,


‘Wing’ the line.

While waiting for it to dry, let’s move on to blusher and some kinky glossy lipstick.


I’m using Stilla creme’ blusher in pink :


WHEE~!!! Smile away & dab some pink goodness onto the apple of your cheeks.


Go generous with your pink lipstick. Better choose one with a glossy finish~!

Now back to the eye : –


I’m gonna skip mascara and use falsies. Stick it as close as you can to the lash line, & YOU’RE DONE! 😀


See how it compliments the hues & patterns of this dress? The music notes, they are like our eye liner!  XD

Some ideas on how to accessorize for your Valentine date tonight : –


You can opt for gold chain earrings with tiny pearls & pink jewel pieces. I got this from Diva Australia 2 years ago lol~


A big rose ring will make your fingers look daintier!


You get the idea. In this picture I was just trying out different stuff. In the end I just wore a gold heart locket and that’s it. HAHA – less IS more.

Since I love my new CNY pajamas tad too much….. Pardon me : –





The Pretty Dateless Girl WTF




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  1. i do read! lol on 1st day of CNY!

    btw cindy i wanted to ask if you know any good saloons for hair extensions? KL/PJ?

    1. hi Joan, i’m so sorry but i would say that it is not really worth it to do hair ext in Msia. anywhere would cost u around 1.5 – 2K per head. Unless u do it in Spore or Shanghai… i did mine at the latter for only RM480.

  2. oh well, i’ve been an avid fan of yours since the past 06 months. haha.. since u said no one will be reading your blog on day 1 of CNY, lemme prove u wrong XD

    Happy Valentines Day and Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too =)

    1. awww Raymond! thanks & i hope u celebrated yours the best way u could. ^^

  3. Happy CNY to you and your family and a
    happy V to you.

    1. i hope the same for u too giam. have a good one. (:

    1. gong hei fatt choyy! 😀

  4. im reading on the 1st day what.. lol..
    you’re pretty good at taking precise shots of your eyes eh..
    cool.. haha.. anyway, happy CNY! no need Happy VDay la since you said you’re a pretty dateless girl.. =P

    1. it’s true; i like that pun. HAHAHA! =P

  5. just wondering where do u get ur eyebrows trimmed?

    1. i always get mine done at Adonis. only RM15 😉

      1. oo..which adonis centre and by who?

      2. usually i go to Sunway Pyramid’s. Hwee Rene is my best friend’s sister. Try her! 😉

  6. Happy V-Day! =) The one thing about CNY that I hate as I age is that the number of envelopes with money start to slowly disappear! Haha =( Hope you have a great day!

    Btw, I’m dateless too, but it’s because my oh-so-thoughtful boyfriend left me to go on a ski trip with his friends! He owes me BIG TIME!!!!

    1. if i were u, i wouldn’t be with a boyfriend like that. but that’s me lah~ >.<!

  7. where’d you get your first flowery dress? So pretty T__T

  8. Happy Valentines Cindy 🙂

    1. Happy Vday to U too honey~!

  9. no offense but the eye shadow combination doesn’t exactly make me think “paddle pop.” i think the purple is a bit too heavy & there’s no sign of pink/pastel blue. lol. still a good look, though. thanks for sharing how you created it.

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