Eyeshadow Solo


Shit happens. When traveling or staying over situations where I absentmindedly left my brushes at home, I find myself struggling with the lack of tools to apply my eyeshadow. Other times, I find a single, random eyeshadow color in a beauty event press kit. What am I supposed to do with lime green? Hence, I decided to come out with this makeup tutorial using only a cotton bud and a single color eyeshadow to create this fresh look. So the next time you happen to be in my shoes, you know what to do! (;


  • One bright eyeshadow of your choice
  • A cotton bud (to enhance color)


Dab selected eye shadow on a finger. Choose a bright color. We will use this one load for three steps.


Apply color above lash line. Move finger back and forth. This area should have the most color intensity.


Move finger to create an arch. This will color eyelid with medium intensity.


Glide finger from tip of the eye upwards till the end of brow. Here we are creating the weakest color intensity.


Using a cotton bud, dot some eyeshadow along lash line.


Blend dotted shadow back and forth on the area.


Reload cotton bud and add more color to this area one last time.


Showcasing: single eyeshadow gradiation.

I completed this look with a second one tone eyeshadow at my bottom lashes (recommended but optional) followed by:


Tie hair up in a pony tail to showcase your fresh colors!


Other tutorials to accompany this look: Brows 101, How to: Double Eyelids and tips to draw the Perfect Cat Eyes.



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