Once in a blue moon there comes a time when no matter how hard the heart convinces, the eyes unveil that i don’t look like myself anymore. Be it in mirrors, pictures, or even in the eyes of beholders. Whenever that happens i wonder if i am starting to age rapidly, lose too much weight, or perhaps lost my inner smile? It wasn’t until a blog reader told me “IT’S TIME TO DYE YOUR ROOTS!” when i realized it’s all about the hair.


Our hair crowns our ENTIRE frame. If you still can’t relate to the significance of how important our hair is, try imagine yourself with a bald head or worse, it you have a balding head! i wouldn’t know what to do if i were you, but in my case all i needed was to get a brand new color for my face frame, and there’s no other place to go but to FABULOUS hairline :


This, my utmost favorite corner of the salon.




Why this place is named Fabulous need not be clarified – these shiny light bulbs made me feel like i was backstage getting ready for a sexc Burlesque performance~!



My special accessories to match my outfit that day.




Crazy hair.


Ugly black roots.


Crazier E.T. hair.


On the way there…



NEW hair with HIGHLIGHTS (did highlights for the 1ST time in my life & LOVIN’ it; thanks to NICK!)


According to my hair stylist, ash is today’s current trend up-to-date.


See this guy with HUGE earrings? Well, his name is Nick; me and my brother’s hair stylist.





Whenever i want an elegant makeover while being able to relax and enjoy wisp of Lavender and soft background music WITHOUT burning my pocket, FABULOUS is where i go to. Now i have 4 vouchers worth RM100 in total to give away; all you gotta do is watch the video below, leave a fabulous comment and i will choose 4 winners randomly :

To those whom i don’t pick, you can have ALL RM100 vouchers by yourself –
just go to the salon and tell them you know the SECRET CODE which is CIN CITY,
to redeem your lovely packet of vouchers.

Have your hair colored / highlight / rebonded / permed, get a hair spa / scalp treatment, hair cut / wash / blow; all with a promisingly FAB discount! 😀


FABULOUS is easily located @ :

No. 24, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
600000 KL.
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  1. Dear Cindy,
    I wish I can win those FABULOUS vouchers because my hair makes me look like I’m 16 when I’m actually turning 21 in a few months’ time. :S
    I would like to feel FABULOUS when I turn 21 with a FABULOUS hairstyle! 😀 😀 😀
    It would be a FABULOUS win for me if I manage to lay my hands on those vouchers~ :))
    Thank you!!

  2. Oh dear, how can i NOT grant someone’s FABULOUS wish. i’ve decided to pick U as 1 of ’em winners! Once i compile all 4 of U, i will email you again, OK? hang in there hairrr! 😀

  3. Omg really?!?! 😀 😀 😀
    Thank you soooo much!! :D:D:D
    ahhhh so happy!!
    My first time winning something in so long!

  4. I often get comments such as my hair looks like a mop or broom FML. Not to mention lazy but I wasn’t so eager to splurge too much on my hair 🙁

    Maybe those vouchers can transform the mop or broom on my head to hair again lol. Hopefully the first step in the transformation is to win the vouchers first. 🙂

    Happy picking the winners Cin!

    1. haha, i pick U. email me your address so i can post the voucher to U 😉

  5. U look FABULOUS with d red belt around yr neck. & Ash looks xTRA FAB on u. I will nvr b able 2 carry if off me COPY CATing yr style. Good Job!

    1. Y not! It’s not copy cat-ing; everyone deserves to be FABULOUS. 😉

  6. Fabulous is essentially important for girls because most of them have lengthy hair which is important to get things done especially for hair and I do take extra fabulous method to show how proud my hair can be. Winning this voucher will be an extra added advantage .. hmm.. should be fabulous to me because saving and getting the best out of me can be done ^^. Winning or not, I would like to wish all the girl out there to feel great and fabulous and be proud of who and what you got .. Tc

    1. hi Chloe, mind to email me your address? i will post the voucher to U 🙂

  7. Love the dress, I always had a thing for strippes…:) and you in that dress…awesome…

    1. hahaha… thanks Cullen *blush

  8. well, i often change my hairstyle in order for it to look good. my hairstylist, was once understands me however he doesn’t anymore. my recent hair cut (2 months ago) left me with ugly imba bob. i was hoping for something different but i don’t dare to try out salons randomly.

    i want to be FABULOUS! grant my wish please!

    Thank you.

  9. Hair is like one of the important asset for a female, like you said hair crowns the entire frame. For a college student like me, I couldn’t afford hari-do at saloon and I’ve been dying my hair own my own all these while. Thrice and they all failed on me, what’s even worse, my hair is freaking dry now sigh It would be nice if I could win those vouchers and get fabulous-ed like YOU since my black root is coming out alrdy D: Pretty pretty please (:

  10. on my own* sorry for the typo 😛

  11. Hello Cindy,

    I am having the same problem as yours, my ugly black roots are growing out T.T Besides, I always curl and blow dry which makes it super dry ugh. I need the vouchers for a makeover and hair treatment!! I am sure FABULOUS will make my dream come true! Also I think I deserve to pamper myself after struggling throughout the whole exam period! Thanks! Always love your blog ;))

  12. Hey, Cindy. I am very interested with this saloon and its services, would love to give it a try but do you mind to share with me the saloon phone no so that I can do some enquiry? I tried to search them online but I failed. Thanks! Reading your blog every 2-3 day is a must for me. Love your blog! <3

    1. hi Jialin, the saloon’s website is still under construction because it is very, very new. it’s phone number is 03 – 7725 7568. & thanks for lovin’ my blog. am (really) glad u like it <3

  13. cool fabulous.. very nice saloon …. hehe i notice that u mention your brother and you are having saloon here? Wah i dun think its cheap to saloon here…

    1. but now if u go there n mention the secret code “cin city” u can get RM100 cash voucher for discounts!

      1. hehe yaya i know that , i watch your video that u have mention it there>.^

      2. awww~ u watched it? hope i didn’t bore u to death. hehe..

  14. haha ofcos i watch it…>.^ but kind of…

    funny…. for this video only(but i like it la) hehe

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