Twisted Braid


One thing I hate waking up to is flat hair. Some days it just happen and there’s no stopping the disaster. One obvious resort is to tease the roots. However, that is rarely my go-to solution because teasing damages the cuticles of our hair. Enter: the Twisted Braid.

Even easier than the usual braid, this look only uses 2 parts of hair instead of 3 to pleat. Start with 3 rubber bands and finish off with 1. This hairdo takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is perfect for adding some sweet distraction to unwanted flat hair days.

How to: Twisted Braid

What you’ll need: 3 rubber bands.


Depending on your preference, you may end the braid a bit lower (at the nape of your neck) or with more twists on both sides. I chose to have only two loose twists for a more relaxed look.

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