My Barcelona Diary


One of my favorite singers, George Ezra, sang 2 songs; each named after ‪Budapest‬ and ‎Barcelona‬. I traveled to these two cities one after another and was captivated by what they inspire. I fell in love with ‪Cataluñya‬ and from my second visit, I doubt that I can ever get enough of ‪España‬.

“The cure for nostalgia is return.” – The Ruins Of Us.

rambla de rayal rambla de rayal rambla de rayal rambla de rayal

I decided to spend the morning at Rambla del Rayal, which is less touristic compared to La Rambla, yet still bustling with life – though that doesn’t mean we forget the latter or the talented pickpockets. Colorful clothes hanging like personal flags surprisingly makes the rustic alley more vibrant than gaudy. I highly (highly) suggest that you find this street and cruise about as many times as you like.

la boqueriala boqueria la boqueriala boqueria la boqueria la boqueria la boqueria huevos fritos

Have breakfast at La Boqueria Mercat instead of a restaurant. My brother and I started this tradition from our maiden trip, where we would go to a butcher offering good quality jamón and buy some to start (yes, breakfast with appetizer!).

Then, hunt down this shop with newspaper clippings all around, serving the best huevos fritos I ever had. Those tiny little squids are like bursting heavens in the mouth that leaves you going “Oh my god, Oh My God, OH MY GOD.”

la ramblala rambla montfalcon montfalcon rambla de rayal cathedral of santa eulalia casa batlló

Taking the road less taken, if you’ve been to La Sagrada Familia, there is Catedral de Barcelona; which Ildefonso Falcones wrote a beautiful love story about, based on this cathedral. Sucked that I couldn’t enter because I was found guilty of dressing too sexcCasa Batlló is another must-visit, which I have no fate with because the queue is forever too long. Twice in Barcelona and I’ve still never been.

o toxo o toxo o toxo

Dinner was at O’Toxo 3 Hermanos at no. 59, Carrer del Carme. Not the best but if central location is your priority, it could be.

la barceloneta

La Barceloneta – the beach with one of the most beautiful names in my dictionary – the only reason I was back in Barcelona again. I have to stress it in a way that ‘The Magical Night of San Joan‘ is the longest, most beautiful fiesta I’ve ever celebrated in my life. Witnessing beach pink sunset transform to fireworks decorated skies, dancing to a cocktail shower of beer, sparkling champagne and wine, getting sand in my hair with warmhearted company . . . I feel like I’ve truly lived my life. To live yours, the date is 23rd June.


My first ‪‎Barcelona‬ sunrise fell on my last day in my favorite city. She dusted my heart with magic, crusted it with warm glow, glazed it with blaze of gold, then shattered it all mercilessly with its Catalonian beauty.



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