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What should you put on your face before a workout? Ideally, nothing. But realistically, whether you are out for a run at the park, attending yoga class, or hitting a gym full of hot guys – you don’t need to look like shit. Who says you can’t still look perfect post-workout? Taylor Swift taught us that a simple effort such as a flick of eyeliner or a bright lip can save us from looking like we just walked out of a psycho ward!

Here is a basic beauty tutorial that you can wear during workout without clogging your pores, while breaking a sweat.

Beauty 101

{Which one are you? Truth is, it doesn’t matter. This look will get you covered – even if all you wanna do is run your errands 😉 }


| Biotherm WHITE D-TOX correcting base | Lancome LE CRAYON SOURCILS eyebrow pencil | MAC SELECT MOISTURECOVER eye concealer | Chanel NATURAL FINISH PRESSED POWDER | CLIO KILL SLIM eyeliner | Mary Kay mineral cheek color in Strawberry Cream | Estee Lauder Pure Color in #49 Pink Lolita lipstick / Vaseline |


1. Fill in eyebrows and make them slightly thicker for a younger appearance.


2. A must step: Cover dark eye circles with concealer (and seal this area with pressed powder). This will eliminate a huge percentage of fatigue from your face.


3. Bring definition to the eyes by lining them using this basic eyeliner technique.


4. If you are only doing light exercises, add a pop of color to your face with a single coat of bright pink lipstick. Alternatively, protect lips with a layer of Vaseline.


5. Add a swirl or two of pink blush on the apple of your cheeks, and you’re ready to go!


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  1. Ha! Brilliant! Shall try this soon!

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