[AD] Dear Mirror (2)


Remember the Olay Skin Breakthrough Challenge i told you about here? Finally a winner has been chosen and i shall reveal her to you towards the end of this post. To prepare for the 6 weeks challenge, we had a face to face consultation with the skin expert from Olay, Aishah, who assessed our skin condition:


According to my foundation, my skin had become at least 2 shades darker due to too much outdoor activities (remember Langkawi?). i was quite disappointed until i found a solution for my skin to look luminous, radiant, and glowing once again! 😀 i’ve yet to try this range of product, but we shall find out the answer within 6 weeks (i will be documenting the process in my blog). As for now, here are some behind-the-scene pictures taken during the skin test:


This is my over-tanned face before makeup. For the first half of the shoot, we only got our hair done and zero makeup in order to achieve optimum results from the test. Besides having a new skin shade that i don’t particularly favor, i’m also very concern about my uneven skin tone and micro freckles on my cheeks. Worries aside, according to Aishah, Olay White Radiance uses a new technology that reduces melanin at cellular level* which causes dark spots.

*epidermal layers of skin only





Many women nowadays consider turning in to clinical treatments, but fear of taking risks and the extremely high cost / investment. Henceforth, new Olay White Radiance offer solution for these women who demands visible result, yet risk-free and worth a spending.



Now as promised, i hereby announce to you the winner of the challenge –


Ruby bOOby!




Ruby and i had decided on THE ultimate 6 weeks challenge. Besides 3 other teams, our ‘opposition’ will mainly be ourselves because instead of doing the stereotypical girly stuff like shopping or partying, we are going to learn how to play (and excel) in TENNIS for the very first time of our life! This is obviously an outdoor challenge and we’re very excited to show you the result of using Olay White Radiance.



Stay tuned for my new beauty ‘episodes’ of Dear Mirror, as i document my journey and experiences with Olay White Radiance for you. 🙂

* * *

Here is a mini post i inserted on how my daily skin care routine goes using Olay White Radiance.

1. Cleanse with Olay purifying foaming cleanser


{wet face; squeeze a small amount into your palm and activate to release the foamy lather by adding water}

2. Treat with Olay White Radiance Essence


{press a few drops of this potion and apply on clean face and neck using the ‘tip tap’ motion}


{allow all the goodness to absorb into skin}

3. Moisturize with Olay celLucent white cream


{using the same motion above, smother this delicious cream onto face and neck twice a day}


And there you have it – a face fairer day by day. 😉

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  1. hey cyndi! I love reading your blog and your fashion style! I love your blue dress here in the Olay post. Where did you get it from?

    1. hi Erine, thanks for reading me. i got that dress from Miss Selfridge, but i don’t think i still have it tho 😡

  2. hi cyndi,fret not!although you have freckles and uneven skin tone but you still looks pretty on tv and prettier in photos although havent seen you in nuffnang events 🙂

    1. hi Chloe, thank you for the consolation. hehe~ i’ve been to several NN events; but not all. which was the latest one u been to? (:

      1. hi Cindy,the recent NN events I been to is the Dylan Dog:Night of the Museum as in my blog.:) I also hardly went for any NN events.How about you?which is the latest NN events u been to?isizt the Nasi Lemak 2.0 or NN movie screening?Do you go for premiere screening?

      2. hmm.. i went for Apollo 18 @ KLCC recently. did u go? (=

  3. […] one of my documentations of Ruby and my preparation for our “special occasion” (as mentioned here and here). To keep fit for the upcoming friendly tennis match, we went jogging at a luscious green […]

  4. Nope didnt went for the movie screening 🙁 Hopefully we can meet in the future! 🙂

  5. lovely curly hair! 😀

    btw how does one get invited to nn events? :O


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