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Summer is all about candy nails and popsicle tinted lips so i decided to ‘accessorize’ past Sunday with 2 refreshing ice creams – one before heading out, and another while dancing with the bright sun shinning happily at the backyard. To have an ice cream under a hot sunny weather is just simply incomparable and i suppose that’s the whole idea of it – God bless whoever invented ice cream!



i’m enjoying Fruttare – a refreshing fruit ice cream made from 100% real fruit juice (available in Lychee and Red Grape flavor). These two make a good match when it comes to invigorating and brightening up your day in an instance!



At times, it can be (very) overwhelming to go through our hectic daily schedule in this unforgiving hot Malaysian weather (ESPECIALLY during the walk back to your office after a lunch break at some economic rice place with no air conditioning. Sounds familiar?). Lucky me, i work at the heart of the city and my favorite Fruttare ice cream will be giving consumers a refreshing and invigorating burst of surprise at Lot 10, Jalan Bukit Bintang from 16th June – 8th July 2012!

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All you gotta do is snap a photo of yourself at Fruttare’s Surprise giant kiosk @Lot10, share the refreshing experience on your Facebook profile / page, and get ready to be surprised with AWESOME prizes such as YES 4G Mobile Broadband and multi-colored iPods.


So join me this week, beat the heat, look “hot” (pun not intended) and get snapped for a refreshing Fruttare surprise @ Lot 10. Remember to include the hashtag #Fruttare@Lot10 together with your picture! 😀



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