5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 irresistible cinspirations that make life a tad fancier when need be.

1. This brand new blue-striped top

zara blue striped top

{because it has an adjustable bow in front that complements bosoms of all sizes}

2. This unique pair of earrings I got on sale

zara earrings

{because I’ve been searching for a hint of emerald since a time I can’t even remember anymore}

3. This homemade brunch inspired by my trip to the farmer’s market in Brisbane

mushroom float

{because it was also the dish I submitted to join the Food Hero contest (wish me luck!)}

4. Discovering this bowl of supreme delight

mak chee one utama

{because now I know where to go in Malaysia whenever I crave for the best wantan noodles in town}

5. This miller mirror that made me LOL-ed with its Japanese humor

mirror with light

{for being a great traveling friend, which comes with light and fits perfectly in my pouch}



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