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ThaiAirways simulator

We are no strangers to taking flights, but what is it like to fly an airplane? Imagine yourself co-piloting in an actual cockpit with a captain. I bet little did you know that all this while, you have a chance to experience something so cool!

ThaiAirways simulator experience

Thai Airways HQ offers ‘The Simulator Experience’ to all, on top of 7 events per year i.e. Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day, where you can experience what it’s like to fly an AirBus or Boeing. You can also choose where you want to go and your supervising pilot will try his best to make your wish come true. Imagine surprising your dad or husband with something so awesome!

Here’s how it’ll go:

ThaiAirways simulator intro

{You’ll start off with a simple briefing}

ThaiAirways simulator

{Of course you’re not gonna actually fly a 100 million dollars plane but rest assured it feels 100% like it. What you see above is a simulator, which training pilots use too. Enter the spaceship}

ThaiAirways simulator

{Your pilot will teach you the basic handling and guide you along the way. Fasten your seatbelt. Pick a place you want to go and your screen will change to fit your dream destination!}

ThaiAirways simulator experience

{‘Graduate’ with a certificate upon your completion. If this ride was a gift, I think the cert makes for a priceless souvenir following the experience}

ThaiAirways HQ canteen

{Have a tasty Thai meal at their canteen before you leave}

To sign up, visit www.thaiairways.com.

HQ address: 89, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok 10900, Thailand.

ThaiAirways simulator

3 Reasons Why You Should Fly with ThaiAirways

There are so many options to choose from including low-cost airlines. You might be wondering; why choose ThaiAirways, right? Here are 3 very good reasons you might not know of yet:

1. Very experienced pilots

I can’t speak for the other airline companies but for ThaiAirways, I’ve learned that there is a strict rule where it takes a decade for pilots to be captains. For low-cost airlines on the other hand, it only takes 5 years. This simply means that when you choose to fly with ThaiAirways, you are choosing to fly with (very) experienced pilots as they are beyond just rules!

2. Uninterrupted journeys

ThaiAirway’s tagline is not called ‘smooth as silk’ for no reason. The routes they take are planned to give customers the least transfers, which means more direct flights. Board the plane, sleep, wake up, guess where you are? Your destination!

3. Awesome MasterCard deals

If you own a MasterCard, make sure to purchase your flights via ThaiAirways as it often offers special fares for MasterCard holders. Talk about traveling smart!


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