Fuji Travel Diary


My best memories from Japan are recorded at a fresh town named Fuji. From sinking teeth into giant juicy apples to soaking bare naked in tranquilizing onsens, there is nothing not to love about what this gorgeous mountain’s surrounding has to offer. This travel and photo diary is by far my favorite, as it boasts the best landscape shots my DSLR has ever captured.


In case you’re wondering, a one-way ticket from Tokyo to Fuji (and vice versa) costs 1750 ¥ per person.


{I believe it is easily agreeable that this is the prettiest sewer cover one has ever laid eyes on}


{Found a Fuji apple half the size of my face!}


Waiting for the bus is usually a bore but at Fuji, we gained the sweetest adventure. While exploring the restful town by foot, we discovered a bakery that sells Okinawan doughnuts and milk cream bread (above) to a steady stream of locals popping in to take them away in paper bags.


{A clean shuttle bus from Fuji bus stop to the onsen club house (below)}


I can’t read Japanese but on this building you’ll see the name of the onsen we frequented. Entrance fee is 2300 ¥ and you can spend the day there for hell yeah as long as you like!

Keep in mind though, that you will HAVE to be totally naked with NO tattoos in order to enter. Men and women will be separated. This rule applies for most onsens in general.


{Healthy glowing skin, rosy cheeks, and naturally wavy hair after onsen-ing}


{We had lunch inside the club house itself; cooling it all down with a refreshing mug of Japanese beer. Cost: 3830 ¥}


{Dessert: Haagen-Daz matcha green tea and red bean ice cream sandwich}


{Pure happiness, captured during an after-lunch stroll around the garden while enjoying free Vitamin D}


{More beauty from mother nature}


After an unforgettable onsen experience, catch the sunset at Lake Kawaguchi; where the best view of Mt. Fuji can be yours, as advised by our cab driver.


{Pulling a pout while waiting for the train}


{Kawaii Mount Fuji-inspired street art}


{My favorite past time: catching sunsets!}


From here, I reckon silence is necessary to enjoy this romantic fairytale view. Red autumn leaves and liquid sunset, all yours:


{Two birds conversing over the jetty}


A beautiful fragment of memory I can and will never forget . . .


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